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Re: Coeliac and wheat intollerance: from mandy Winrow on 2008-06-14

my 4 year old had severe diarrheor for 18 months and at the time i was consulting the doctors who assured me there was nothing wrong with her and tested her for wheat intolerence. As a mum, i know that when she eats wheat she has a reaction.

i have taken her of gluten now but the school need a certificate to say that thye are fine to prepare gluten free meals for her as self diagnosis is not acceptable......

I dont know what to do as i know that she is allergic but the tests say no, all is ok with her? any ideas of other tests that dont cost the earth. i am in Spain?

Re: Coeliac and wheat intollerance: from Leah on 2008-06-29

Oh my God!!!! I cant believe some doctors!!!! I, myself like your daughter had coeliacs....well at least all the systems of coeliacs for as long as I remember, it wasnt until I was 18 I actually got diagnosed with the disease, after alot of times they kept reasuring me everything was fine too. I recommend you definatley get a second opinion. Chrones disease is very similar but I think more severe other wise IBS is also another thing to watch out for. I would try and find a specalist for that area so maybe an endoscopy could be done. And as for the school ask them why a peanut allergy can be taken as gospel from a parent, and as a parent you are not asking them for a favor to look after your daughter you are demanding it, and with that said for no gluten to be put in any of her foods. YOU are the person that makes decisions for your daughter not the schoool or any piece of paper confirming what you would prefer for your daughter to eat. Hope I helped!!! all the best with your little God send

coeliac in young children: from Nikole on 2008-08-24

My 3-year-old son is exactly the same, although he has never been diagnosed with celiac disease. He has been tested for allergies, however, and gluten was one of the offenders. He is also allergic to all dairy and corn. Have you tested corn? We find that if he eats anything made with corn (including high fructose corn syrup), his behaviour rapidly declines. He will start throwing things or hitting his sister for no reason. When we try to discipline him, he simply looks us straight in the eye and continues to misbehave. When he has been eating "clean" he does not act like this at all

coeliac in young children: from dottyspots on 2008-10-16

Try making gf bread in a breadmaker and add a tsp of xanthum gum, it makes a real difference to the bread (it's springier and more 'bread-like' although a gf loaf will never really be like wheat-based bread).

You can also use it when making cakes - I make a lovely gf and dairy-free chocolate brownie which pleases non-gf people just as well :0

Overweight coeliac: from Cammy on 2008-12-23

Well not that I'm happy others are overweight after being diagnosed with celiac

but at least I know I'm not alone! I know it was ridiculous to be a size 0 but my whole life I've only been 110 pounds. The size 0 came before being diagnosed with celiac and I was losing anything and everything I ate. Now I eat salads, salads and more salads and I'll admit I crave a sweet before I got to bed but I can't be taking in very many calories and I've gone from 0 to a size 10. For me that's huge, I'm short and it's all around my middle. I've had everything tested, my thyroid level is fine, although I already had thyroid problems and I'm on synthroid, then my dr. decided I might be a diabetic and that's why I couldn't lose weight...I don't understand that but the diabetes test came back that I was not diabetic. I will admit it just so happens I have exercised all my life so maybe that is why I always remained at a good weight and I do very little for exercise now....but the

reason for that is I'm too tired! I feel exhausted all the time. Can anyone recommend what I might be "missing" possibly a vitamin or whatever, my energy level is just low. I want to know if it's possible that it's not what I AM eating but what I MAY NOT be eating thats causing problems.

Any suggestions, I would appreciate it!

I guess I should mention that I have been under a great amount of stress over the past two years.

coeliac in young children: from Karin on 2009-01-29

Hi Paola, i have just read your message and it is like reading about my son. He is 7 and was diagnosed with cd 15 months ago. He too was very mature about this, and has rarely rebelled and eaten gluten. however, over the last 6 - 9 months there has been a definite change in his behaviour within the home, although his behaviour and work as school are good. I am 100\% sure this is his reaction to being given this cd diagnosis, and the realisation that it is a lifelong condition. it is particularly difficult when going to social functions, friends parties etc. there is plenty of advice when it comes to diet, but there seems to be no help or support available from professionals on how to deal with this psychologically, it has such a massive impact on the whole of the family.

I would be interested to hear if other people experience the same difficulties, and how they have dealt with them.


Overweight coeliac: from Rosemary on 2009-02-17

I have very similar symptoms as "Overweight Coeliac". 3 months after going gluten-free, I started gaining weight rapidly. Doctors were of no help. "According to your bloodwork, you should be fine". Don't you just hate that? Obviously, I am not fine. I gained 40 pounds in six months.

The only thing I have read so far that seems like it might help is a book called "Mastering Leptin". I got it from my public library. It talks about the hormone leptin and its role regarding metabolism. It outlines a way to get your metabolism started again. It's not easy.

Your body thought it was starving (well, it WAS starving) for so long. It is still in starvation mode. Your body IS clinging to every calorie. It's not just your imagination.

Good luck, and I hope that you feel better soon. Look into the leptin book and also Mary Shomon's books about thyroid. If you are hypothyroid, you probably need to get further testing.

Sorry--not too much help. But a TON of commiserating. (No pun intended

Re:A coeliac diet is really healthier than a normal diet: from Margaret Nealon on 2009-02-21

What you must remember when being a coeliac is that you must cook everything fresh, vegetables, soups,stews,meat balls, croquetas made of ham,cheese or chicken. sauces for pasta. Hence, a healthier diet,you cannot buy processed food as it may contain hidden gluten,ex. processed cheese and ham contain fillers so they are harmful to coeliacs.It is not difficult to cook gluten free using fresh food and there is a wide range of gluten free pasta on the market,so all you have to do is make a delicious sauce to accompany it. You must avoid ice-cream as well as it may contain ingredients to thicken it, even ice-cream served in restaurants can harm coeliacs.There is a wide range of bread, biscuits, cakes and jam on the market so all we need to do is learn to cook and make tasty meals from scratch.If anyone is interested in learning how to make some of these dishes please get in touch with me

Australian Coeliac Food: from Sarah on 2009-03-28

There are lots of cheaper lollies that are gluten and wheat free, have a look at the sugar free brands and mentos use glucose from corn. You just have to read the packets. My favouirte though is an expensive licorice labelled gluten and wheat free the company that make it also do lots of pasta, Orgran

Re: Coeliac and wheat intollerance: from Julie on 2009-03-31

Hi. Was thrilled to find this forum...to know I am not going mad...Have had problems for a few years now with digestion and narrowed this problem down to wheat possibly. Stupid really, but eating a sandwich brings on rapid heartbeat, itching (mild) skin / scalp, severe bloating and feeling full for hours and hours despite not eating much. If I avoid wheat, my stomach stays bloated but the other symptoms disappear. Went to GP who said wheat intolerance was psychological / all in the head and wheat fibre too important to cut out. Have tried cutting down slightly but then I go back to eating wheat again and don't where where I am or what to do really. My friend mentioned Coeliac Disease but I always thought Coeliacs were underweight, but I now have weight to lose...it just won't shift despite exercise and careful eating. Any ideas anyone? I would be grateful for any pointers....Thanks

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