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Re: Overweight coeliac: from jo on 2009-06-20

i read your story with great sympathy, i too am coeliac gaining weight, i have battled diabetes for years, and had a two year bout of depression , i am on the mend now but it takes alot of hard work. take time out for yourself if you can find something that makes you laugh do that !!! you sound a busy person and your body is probably more strssed than you think this does not help any of your conditions try taking celery seed, alfalfa sprouts and red clover and cut out onions it worked for me good luck x x

Re:A coeliac diet is really healthier than a normal diet: from ibhikin on 2009-08-12

I was just diagnosed with CD last thursday and I am having a challenging time finding some type of 101 literature on prchasing gluten free staples that one might need in the kitchen. I think it's the "too much information" problem...I read to not use dried spices, only fresh. This will be hard to do. Do you know of any dried spices that I could purchase? How about bread? Itried the tapioca and rice bread and it not only doesnt taste very good, the shelf life was only 3 days (not to mention very expensive)! I only have a Lassens (very costly!)and a trader Joes in my area. Some of the items on the gluten free list -at- Trader Joe's were incorrect. Presently I am frightened to eat anything. I have only eaten fish, lettuce, rice pasta, rice vinegar & olive oil for 5 days now for fear of this "hidden gluten" situation. Any help would be appreciated

Re Coeliac and wheat intollerance: from Arlene Lennon on 2009-08-20

My son was diagnosed 2 years ago with celiac and 6 mos. ago with thyroid disease. Autoimmune diseases can travel together. I would have your child's thyroid tested if he is experiencing night sweats. Just a thought

Re:A coeliac diet is really healthier than a normal diet: from pat on 2009-10-18

Do you have the internet? if you do , you can order lots of gluten free foods. Try ordering Teff flour, and getting recipes off the the net to use with it. Meat fish eggs most cheese, fruit and vegetables are all gluten free. Butter and most margarines as well as milk are also gluten free. Once you get used to you diagnosis you will find it much easier to eat a wide range of good healthy food. Good luck

coeliac in young children: from Averil Rees on 2009-10-21

Roleys Teff Bread mixes (Sainsbury, Waitrose, & I think Asda) produce such nice bread, (not the cardboard that you have to 'refresh' in microwave, or toast it)

Loaf rises like 'proper' bread

coeliac in young children: from Averil Rees on 2009-10-21

Don't cut out gluten until the endoscopy/biopsy has been done. That relies on picking up inflammed/damaged gut cells. If gluten-free, the gut will heal & nothing will show up. If you don't want to put gluten back on her menu, there's no point in subjecting her to the biopsy

coeliac in young children: from Lesley on 2009-11-03

My Grandson has CD. I cried at first as I thought he'd never enjoy a normal diet. Not so. All fresh food, vegetables, potatoes, meat and fruit are gluten free. Macdonalds are fine so long as you ask for a grill burger so that the bread hasn't touched it. Most Cadbury chocolate, Galaxy are GF. GF pasta is very good so other than the bread ther really is no problem. Baked beans are now GF. Milk and cheese are good and the GF cereals are pricey but good.

As for the constipation that will be easy to remedy with a freshly blended juice with blueberries, pears and oranges. Add grapes or apples or strawberries.

Don't fret. It is quite easy and the Coeliac Uk telephone line advises freely

Coeliac Research: from Päivi Markkanen on 2009-11-08


I live in Finland and I have a coeliac disease. I can eat so called out pure outs. It's special outs, which haven't have the smallest amount of wheat,

rye, barley. Pure outs have been specially handed from planting and harvesting to production to avoid contamination from other grains ( wheat,

rye, barley ). It's more expensive than normal outs, though. But it's normal with gluten-free products. Especially I like pure outs biscuits.

Regards, Päivi

possible Coeliac: from hannah on 2009-12-08

hi, i was wondering if i could get some adivice...

about 3 months ago i was admitted to hospital with severe abdominal pain, no1 knew what it was. since then. every time i eat i get horrific tummy pain, and bloating. really bad bloating. i feel anxious and i dont want to do anything. i also feel tired all the time and generaly grumpy. my doc has referered me to a gastroenterlogist and im waiting 1 MONTH for the appointment...in the mean time, i have started cutting out all wheat and gluten...and i feel FANTASTIC. no more bloating and awful pain.

i still have a dull constant pain but the pain and discomfort i get after eating has gone completly! im so happy!

however, i think this may meen i have coecilac disease. il explain all this to the doc when i get the appoinment. does it sound like i have coecilac or could it be something else

Re: Coeliac and wheat intollerance: from Maree on 2009-12-10

Delighted to find this site and discovering so many other people with the same problems as me. I have been suffering with bloatedness and pain in left side of abdomen for years and always told it's IBS. Recently I had been having to run to the loo after every meal and then had a bleed after stomach pain on one occasion. Dr sent me for a colonoscopy as the symptoms matched bowel cancer. But fortunately nothing was found. My daughter is a nurse and she suggested I could be intolerant to something. So I went wheat free for 10 days. What an amazing change. No more running to the loo, and the painful tummy is now only slightly tender. I also noticed that the hot flushes have stopped. I had got used to them as I am a woman of 58 and have been putting up with them for more than 10 years. My Dr is now going to do a blood test to prove that we've found the solution. I found that gluten free stuff at the supermarkets is dearer and high in fats and sugar which is annoying. Thanks for all the info. Good luck with your new diet everyone

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