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Diagnosis of Coeliac condition: from Nicola Saunders on 2011-02-28


I hope you can offer some advice to me. I had the results of my blood tests this morning showing that coeliac disease was a possible cause of my recent tummy troubles and I have been referred on to a gastroenterologist. The consultation appointment is three weeks away and may necessitate an endoscopy and biopsy. I am happy to try a gluten free diet whilst waiting for this referral but from various threads I have read today, I am not sure whether this is the right thing to do. Should I carry on eating normally, including gluten in my diet? Or should I cut it out so I can tell the consultant that it has helped? Will a diagnosis be affected by my diet or is it a condition that can be proven through the procedures? Although my symptoms have not been pleasant I would not describe them as debilitating so could tolerate continuing with the gluten if necessary.

Thanks in anticipation of your help.


Diagnosis of Coeliac condition: from Peter on 2011-02-28

This is always a difficult question to answer.
Some people will try a gluten-free diet, and if they improve on the diet will stick to that whatever the outcome of further tests.
However, the best diagnosis is made on your condition if you do not change your diet, and a diagnosis can be made more difficult for anyone who has been on a gluten-free diet for some time.
There is also a small element of risk in starting a gluten-free diet and then returning to eat gluten, as symptoms can be made a lot worse.
So with relatively mild symptoms, keeping to your previous diet will aid diagnosis and is unlikely to make your condition worse in the short term

coeliac in young children: from Miss Norris on 2011-03-08


Im reply to you as i notice that you put in your letter that a blood test was shown to be negative but you are having the endoscopy to see if it coeliac or not, my son is 6 and has it, but for it to show up on the test you shouldnt cut out the wheat or gluten until it has been diagnosed as this will show up to be a negative result> Coeliac is when the tiny hair folicales in the intestine disappears so anything eaten is past straight through, if you start giving your child a gluten free diet before the test, any folicales that had gone will have time to repair itself which will then give you a negative result on the test, so please i know its hard to see your child suffer, but to get the right result you still need to give them the wheat and gluten. I hope this has been of use to you

Re:A coeliac diet is really healthier than a normal diet: from peter allen on 2011-03-11

hello margaret i have just started mt diet and waslooking for some advice,im really into my food and i think im goin to struggle maintaining it ,but for my health im going to give it my best shot,i love cooking,i would apreciate if u could give some recipes for sauces with rice or gf pasta,thank u

Re:A coeliac diet is really healthier than a normal diet: from Emma on 2011-03-18


I was diagnosed with irritable bowl when i was 18 and ive always felt ill, plus have sarcoid.

I started to get a rash down both of my sides and no where else, i read eaten GF foods helps the pain in joints for people with sarcoid and also helps IBS suffers and the obvious Celiac sufferers.

Ive been GF now for just over 4 weeks and really feel the difference, even people have commented on how much staighter i am walking nad how healthier i look.

I have found sainsbury's from a main shop not the small ones have a lot of things GF free - it is expensive and ive heard if you are diagnosed form doctor you can get prescription food.

The flour in sainsburys makes the best pancakes ever and they have some lovely GF red, brown source, ice cream, bread, Also try crimbles coconut and chocolate bisciutes are lovely for a treat just as nice as normal biscuits, they also do a lovely chocolate pudding. Other than than i cook with pure olive oil, use butter, fresh meat and veg -

I hope this is helpfull xx

Diagnosis of Coeliac condition: from nicole on 2011-04-02

my self , I had similiar circumstances, it over a year now, i had the tummy problems always in the bathroom and felt like i was hit by a truck, I am 37, 5,5 and weights 110lbs, i was getting anemic and was was losing weight, I ate like a pig and wasn`t gaining anything, i realise that i had gluten allegy, I started eating a gluten free diet and felt great, I told my doctor who did the blood test but wanted me to continue eating gluten but I had one bite and decided, hell no I am not going to suffer 6weeks to proof anything,my test was negative because I han`t had gluten in over 2 months but my doctor advise me not to eat gluten to proof anything to anyone, I eat a gluten free diet, I am getting there slowly but I have so much more energy, dont do it to yourself if you feel better without eating gluten don`t

Childhood coeliac disease and chronic diarrhoea: from Peter on 2011-08-27

CONCLUSIONS: Although coeliac disease may only account for a small proportion of diarrhoeal mortality, these deaths are not preventable by applying normal diarrhoea treatment guidelines, which may even involve gluten-based food supplements. As other causes of diarrhoeal mortality decline, coeliac disease will become a proportionately increasing problem unless consideration is given to trying gluten-free diets for children with chronic diarrhoea and malnutrition."

Author(s): Byass P ; Kahn K ; Ivarsson A
Affiliation: Umeå Centre for Global Health Research, Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine, Umeå University, Umeå, Sweden.
Title: The global burden of childhood coeliac disease: a neglected component of diarrhoeal mortality?
Source: PloS one 2011; 6(7): e22774

Diagnosis of Coeliac condition: from Peter on 2011-08-27

A recent article in the Journal of Internal Medicine highlights the complexity of diagnosing the coeliac condition. They also confirm that patients without celiac disease may respond to a gluten-free diet.

What is the use of biopsy and antibodies in coeliac disease diagnosis?
K. E. Evans, D. S. Sanders
Journal of Internal Medicine
Volume 269, Issue 6, pages 572–581, June 2011

Re: Overweight coeliac: from Janet Darbey on 2011-11-03

Have you had your thyroid tested? You could have problems with it and its worth looking into. The problem with the Cambridge and similar diets is that its low calorie and so far removed from normal food that you will put the weight back on when you come off the diet. A healthy eating plan would be much better with a reasonable number of calories. The Atkins diet might be worth looking at or even better the Paleo diet as it is based on food like meat, fish, veg and fruit that are naturally gluten free. The fats in it are beneficial to thyroid function if they are healthy fats

Diagnosis of Coeliac condition: from Janet Darbey on 2011-11-03

I agree with you completely, I will not take any gluten just to prove the doctors right or wrong. I went to see a private consultant endocrinologist and he asked me if I had already been tested by biopsy....I told him no as gluten makes me so ill that I had refused to take the test. He agreed that I should not do it just to be labelled, and that he would certify me as celiac if necessary without the biopsy