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Re Coeliac and wheat intollerance: from Sue Mackie on 2005-05-24

Just realised the question had been answered. Waiting for my son to see a paedatrician as he has had a sore stomach for 2 years, which i put down to 'worry' anyhow have cut wheat/gluten and other gluten containing cereals which seems to have helped. Just wondering if anyone else has night sweats associated with their condition, as he seems to suffer from particularly bad ones. Many thanks Sue

Re Coeliac and wheat intollerance: from Peter on 2005-05-24


Night sweats are a recognised symptom of untreated coeliac condition.
( but they can also be related to other problems )
It is important to mention to the doctor any other incidental symptoms - even ones that seem minor or not relevant - as it will help him with his diagnosis.

I know it may seem harsh, but it is best not to change the childs diet before the tests are complete, as it may make it more difficult to decide if the tests are positive or not.

However if the tests are a long way off, then discuss the improvement when you restrict gluten with your own doctor, and take it from there.


Re Coeliac and wheat intollerance: from annette hoskyn on 2005-05-31


I went to the states last November and got food poisnoning ,then a bowel infection,since then I have been diagnosed with IBS,the symptons are really bad and the stomach cramps are unreal,i had a rus test at the hospital but it came up with nothing,do you think i could be wheat intollerant

Many Thanks

Re Coeliac and wheat intollerance: from Peter on 2005-05-31

There is always a possibility that a bout of food poisoning can trigger a food intolerance or allergy.
I am not familiar with the rus test. What do the initials stand for?


Re coeliacs: from Peter on 2005-07-07

Amy Jane

These can all be symptoms of the coeliac condition, and everyone of us went through this scary state of not knowing what was wrong.
The good news is that if it is the coeliac condition, then on a completely gluten-free diet the symptoms clear up. Some go quickly, others a month or so, and as long as you avoid gluten they will stay away.

Follow the advice of your doctor and wait for the opinion of the specialist before changing your diet, as this will make the diagnosis more certain.

Do be aware that it may not be the coeliac condition and the doctor may need to do a series of tests to discover what is wrong.


Australian Coeliac Food: from Jessica on 2005-07-23

Does anyone know of sweets and chocolate in australia that is gluten and wheat free? and also is glucose syprup from wheat gluten free?


Australian Coeliac Food: from Wilbert on 2005-08-19


Ive staid several month in Australia and ive noticed that there is a lot of stuff voor coeliacs.

Even the chips in a boc, cant recal the name is gluten free.

Look for gluten free products on the web and you have a world of products to choose from. You can even buy fresh bread in the super markets like Coles.

I love that country only for that ;)


Wilbert from Holland

Re Coeliac and wheat intollerance: from maureenCruse on 2005-09-12

Hi have cut wheat and rye out for month now after private tests have lost a few pounds but nopt enough did anyone else lose weight cutting out wheat

Re Coeliac and wheat intollerance: from Matthew on 2005-09-14

i have been suffering from fatigue for nearly 2 years now, within the last few months i have been having stomach cramps and real bad wind! I have had all the blood test done by my GP everything has come back fine apart from my Iron was low when this all started about 2 years ago but has come back to a normal level. Could it be that i'm wheat intolerant?
I have recently cut down on the amount of bread i eat and i feel a little better.

Re Coeliac and wheat intollerance: from Peter on 2005-09-14

Not everyone who reacts badly to wheat is detected by tests. The only way to really find out is to eliminate ALL wheat, otas, barley and rye and their products from your diet for at least one month, preferably two.
make sure that you eat a healthy balanced diet for this period.
This should be long enough to decide if it really has made a difference.