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links between coeliac and diabetic: from Peter on 2007-03-19

There are a lot of medical papers that discuss the link between the coeliac condition and diabetes, but few that examine the reasons.

One possibility is a common genetic suseptibility, and this may become apparent with more study of the human genome.

The more likely possibility is that the damage caused by absorbtion of gluten can trigger diabetes. The symptoms of a reaction to gluten are very widespread and variable.

coeliac in young children: from lisa on 2007-03-27

Hi my son is 6yrs old and Ive only just found out that he has CD. He had shingles and I didnt know about it. My son suffered the same symptoms as your child as a baby and Im not sure soy is ever a way to go due to the side effects it has caused. My mother (as I have CD as well) used goats milk for me. Soy was not an option back then (Im 32). But goats milk was the only thing that I could stomach. I did not know for my son how to help him so I hope you have better luck

Diagnosis of Coeliac condition: from Peter on 2007-04-03

Ask yourself the question. If you go through this period of eating gluten and being ill...

If the specialist says 'Yes, you are coeliac' or 'No, we cannot confirm you are coeliac'

What difference will it make?
Will you go back to eating gluten, because the doctor cannot confirm that you are coeliac?

Or will you stick to a gluten-free diet because you know that it keeps you healthy?

A gluten-free diet can be a slight inconvenience, but it is a healthy diet. You can buy all your basic food in supermarket like anyone else. You don't need to buy high priced specialist food, or receive it on a prescription.
You are in charge of your own health. There are plenty of people who simply stick with the gluten-free diet. - It is up to you.
(There is also a good chance that improved blood tests will become the standard for the coeliac condition, rather than the endoscopy )

Diagnosis of Coeliac condition: from on 2007-04-06

We paid £250 pounds a year ago (March 06) to have our 9yr old daughter to have blood test to see if there were any food intolerances. We found out that she was intolerant to gluten, wheat, oat, dairy, egg, yeast and maize. Unfortunately our consultant who had been treating our daughter since she was 9 months old for tummy troubles refused to accept that our daughter has coeliac. She has been on a food restricted diet for over a year and is a totally different child. She only has a bad tummy when she has mistakenly eaten something. We find it really expensive because of the yeast intolerance. I agree, there is no way I am willing to put her back on a gluten diet and see her suffering, so we have to put up with the expense. It is very hard going especially as I have a friend who is a Pead Consultant and in her authority the tests we had they accept.

Re: Overweight coeliac: from christine on 2007-04-10

I was diagnosed last December 06, and have piled on two plus stone since then, don't understand as my diet is now more fresh fruit and veg, with no processed meats of any kind. Initially I was always hungrey and the hospital dietician said this is good to put on the wieght and the hunger would eventually ease.

This is true and I am no longer eating 24/7, but the wieght is still going on. Please help!!!!

Re: Overweight coeliac: from Peter on 2007-04-10

maintaining a steady weight is always a balance between the food that you consume and the exercise that you take.

Your digestive system is able to heal and work more efficiently on a gluten-free diet, so that now you need to eat less for the same amount of exercise. This is difficult at first because your stomach is sending you the wrong signals, but you have to override your feelings of hunger and train yourself to eat less.

Do ensure that you have a balanced diet, but reduce the amount of protein and carbohydrate - and fat - gradually week by week until your weight stabilises. It is not something where you can find the right amount overnight.
It can help to eat foods that need more chewing such as brown rice, potato + skins, fresh apples, raw carrot. The action of chewing encourages your brain to think you have had more to eat.
Cut out all snacks between meals.
Increase the amount of exercise you get each day.

coeliac in young children: from susannah hansen on 2007-04-10

I just found this great website..I have just had my daughter tested today and I wonder if anyone out there has had a negative test result turn out positive later on. I am sure my daughter has this disease..she has had gas, fussiness, constipation, leg cramps, major insomnia, tooth enamel defects all at age 2.5..I am so afraid the test results will come back negative and I will be lost! Anyone have any thoughts?

Re: Coeliac and wheat intollerance: from Debbie on 2007-04-21

Is it possible to control wheat intolerance by only eating wheat in the mornings, or am I just kidding myself? My stomach seems to feel okay if it has all day to digest the food. Contrarily, if I eat wheat at night, my stomach hurts all night, I am very hot, and break out in a sweat. Am I still damaging my stomach by eating wheat in the morning even though I don't seem to feel the effects of it?

Also - Does the night sweating after eating wheat necessarily mean I actually have celiac disease? I had a blood test many years ago and tested negative.

Re: Coeliac and wheat intollerance: from Peter on 2007-04-21

It is possible that you are getting a mild reaction, and when you lie down you get a slight reflux of acid into the lower end of the oesophagus.

Active movement can also aid digestion when you eat in the morning.

If you cannot detect any problem with eating wheat and the tests have been negative, then the chances of causing damage are fairly low.

Re: Overweight coeliac: from Lynda on 2007-06-21

I was diagnosed in Oct/89 after being severly ill for 7 years. I had lost control or bowels and blatter and became weeks away from death. In the past 5 years my weight is out of control. I have put on 65 lbs and cannot and I mean cannot get it off. I barely eat 1000 calories in a day and exercise as much as I can. I have had my thyroid checked but it is normal. My doctor says my metabolism is not working properly and suggests that my body is storing everything that I eat. I still am ill. It have had rickets, liver disease, anemia, IBD, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis and recently after having a nervous breakdown been diagnosed with bipolar and borderline personality disorder. I am in a constant state of "fog" and have great difficulty in making it through a day. I work full time as a General Manager for a publishing company. I keep to a strict regiment of gluten-free foods mostly plain meat, potatoes, rice, vegetables, GF cereal. I don't smoke and I dont drink. I would really like to feel better - can anyone make some suggestions?

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