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coeliac in young children: from sharon on 2007-07-04

my son who is 8 as been diagnosed with cd in june,he as been unwell for 3 years having to go through lots of investigations to find out what was wrong.My son is a very fussy eater,we only saw a dietrician yesterday so i am very new to it all,i have read many of your letters and its good to no other parents are out there.i would appriciate all the advice i can get.I wish all your children and yourselfs best of luck. sharon

coeliac in young children: from susannah hansen on 2007-07-05

I am in the process of having my daughter diagnosed, the blood tests came up negative, but we are going ahead with the endoscopy because of all of the symptoms present. I have cut out all gluten, but there is so much hidden gluten in contaminated products, that I still see her very uncomfortable at times. I wonder if anyone has seen behavior changes in their celiac children when small amounts of wheat are ingested? If so, how long does it take to see changes...I swear with my daughter it is within 24 hours and sometimes sooner. It seems like it all disappears once the food has gone past a certain place in her intestines...is this typical of celiac? It has been a long process, my daughter nursed until after 2 1/2 and is now 3, when she stopped nursing things went downhill fast. I had cut out wheat, sugar and dairy, etc. when she was 9 months old so thankfully she grew well-but she has been constipated since she was about 6 months old. Any one who can share their experience with me...I would love to hear from you.


mdsuzetta -at- aol.com

Infertility and Coeliac: from Claire on 2007-07-05


Hi, I have been a coeliac for about 6 years now and have managed my diet very well and it is under control with no problems but I recently found out I was pregnant which I was over the moon about because that is the one thing in the world I want more than anything, I was about 10 weeks gone when I started to bleed, of course I was very upset and went straight to hospital, I had a scan and was told they could not see what was in my womb because it was too small and it was either a very early pregnancy about 5-6 weeks not what had been orginally calculated or I was miscarring, and had to ait a week for another scan and they would hopefully be able to see more, during the next few days the bleeding and pain got worse and had to speak to the doctor and from my symptoms the doctor said I was having a micarriage which is still happening at the moment, im totally devistated and dont know what to think, im so dissappointed and upset, my doctor has managed to bring forward the scan to tomorrow to see how things are progressing, but I was wondering if being a coeliac has caused me to have a miscariage?
I would appreciate any advice anyone has for me.
(Im 26 and this was my first pregnancy)

Infertility and Coeliac: from Peter on 2007-07-05

A suprisingly large proportion of early pregnancies end in a miscarriage.
This is a natural part of the process of checking that the fertilised egg is viable and developing correctly, has correctly implanted, and so on.

Since you have your diet under control without any problems it is unlikely that your chances of a miscarriage differ from anyone else in the population. It is unlikely to be related to being coeliac.

You have been unlucky here but it is not your fault.

coeliac in young children: from on 2007-07-13

gluten free popcorn should be sold on glutafin websites

Re: Coeliac plus IBS: from Peter on 2007-07-19

You have to stick to a completely gluten-free diet. Once you are completely gluten-free then there should be no pain caused by gluten.
You may find that symptoms of IBS also start to reduce as your gut starts to heal itself. The IBS may have been caused by the reaction to gluten.

You may also find that the arthritis starts to improve as this can also be a symptom of gluten damage.

Your anaemia may also simply be the result of the damage that gluten has done to your gut.

So provided that you stick to a completely gluten-free diet you should see a reduction in your problems, but it may take several months for the full benefit to become clear.

Re: Coeliac and wheat intollerance: from Emma on 2007-08-05

I had very bad heart burn on a flight recently and was telling a friend about it. He said that I must be wheat intolerant and the intolerance is what caused the heart burn.

He asked if I ate bread or dairy produce of any kind before I flew - I'd eaten a french baguette with Jarlsberg cheese, ham and mayonnaise.

I have eaten bread since I was a little girl (I'm in my early 30's now) - I love fresh bread and have never suffered from eating bread and dairy products.

Does wheat and dairy intolerance cause heart burn or was I just unlucky to have heart burn while flying?

Thoughts/feedback welcome

Re: Coeliac and wheat intollerance: from Peter on 2007-08-05

An allergy or intolerance diagnosis is never based on a single incident. Only a long history of several symptoms would indicate this. Heart burn can be caused by the stress of flying, eating out of your normal schedule, sitting in a cramped position etc.

Re: Coeliac and wheat intollerance: from Katie on 2007-08-07

Hi. My daughter who is 4 has had the blood test and the biopsy which have said she is not coeliacs. However, since she went on gluten free diet she has had a huge improvement. Our consultant at the hospital has said to keep her on gluten free as it is more than likely a wheat intolerance. Are they both treated the same? A gluten free diet? Some sites say yes and some say no as some gluten product still contain wheat. I'm confused now. I'm have another appointment to discuss this but not for 2 weeks. Also, can my daughter get prescription products or will i still have to pay for everything even though i have been advised to keep her on a gluten free diet. Any comments and advice would be much appreciated!!!

Thanks in advance


Re: Coeliac and wheat intollerance: from Christina on 2007-08-07

I eagerly await a response to your reply as I am exactly the same was diagnosed with a Wheat Intollerance and told not too eat foods with Wheat in and to buy all my own (not told about prescriptions).

While the Nurse doing the biopsy said I defenately had Coeliac.

Have cut Wheat out and got no reaction. Exactly the same. Cut Gluten out as well and WOW!!!! Amazing results.

My family all have the same symptoms as me on one side of the family going back 3 generations.

As a child I was addicted to sausages. Loved them!! Ate them all the time. Despite having CD symptoms although in the 1970/80's GP's didnt know what they know now. I now think it is possible to be addicted to foods that your body is actually rejecting.

What foods does your daughter crave???

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