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Re: Coeliac and wheat intollerance: from Peter on 2007-08-07

Anyone whose health improves dramatically on a gluten-free or wheat free diet should avoid both completely.

Don't worry too much about the lack of prescription foods. There is a wide selection of basic foodstuffs which are completely gluten-free in any good sized supermarket.
I eat a completely gluten-free diet but although I was offered food on prescription, I have never bothered with it. You may need to cook a little more food yourself - but at least you know what goes into it.

My gluten-free diet buying ingredients at the supermarket costs no more than for anyone else.

Re: Coeliac and wheat intollerance: from Mark on 2007-08-09

I was diagnosed two years ago as having CD after years of trying to persuade my GP that there was something wrong. Confirmed after all the usual tests bloods and endoscope etc. Biggest problem is that I have suffered from is weight gain despite sticking to a healthy gluten free diet and exercising, nearly four stone and I wasnt exactly skinny before this. Bloating comes and goes but is so bad stomach looks like a football. How do others find controlling their weight with CD? Is it possible I could have other intolerances? My consultant is useless as are most of the GPs I have spoken to, who seem to have little if any depth of knowledge on the subject.

Re: Coeliac and wheat intollerance: from Peter on 2007-08-09

Bloating suggests that you are having difficulty with some other foods. Cows milk and products made from it such as butter and cheese is the commonest culprit. Soya is also a possibility.

Weight gain can result from eating too high a proportion of easily digested foods - sugary foods, white bread, cake biscuits, potato, carrots. The rush of sugar from their digestion encourages your body to lay down fat to get rid of it quickly. Try changing your diet to cut these out and increase the fish, meat, oil, fruit and vegetables.
Look for foods with a low glycaemic index.

Dating, Relationships and being Coeliac: from Peter on 2007-08-10

I wonder how many others find that having to follow a gluten-free diet can put a severe strain on their relationships?
I am only too happy to cook, and eat at home, but this doesn't always go down well with my (ex)partner. When we go in somewhere to eat, I have to check that something looks gluten-free on the menu, before asking staff to check that it is in fact gluten-free. Some commercial chips are coated in flour, or the chips have fragments of batter sprinkled though them etc.
Even menus that state items are gluten-free have mistakes in them (Couscous is wheat Theatre Royal in Plymouth!).
A meal out often ends up being ham, egg and chips, or steak without any sauce and chips or new potatoes.

Holidays have caused similar strain. I like self catering accommodation where I know I can cook my own meals if the restaurants round about don't look too promising. At least I get a good breakfast and can prepare my own packed lunch, but when my (ex)partner is set on a holiday where I think the chances of my being able to eat safely are minimal, the relationship has reached breaking point (- she doesn't want to go on her own). Small hotels in Germany, Austria, Portugal and Spain have generally worked well. Italy has been the worst, France second worst.

This has led me to think about how we can use the Internet to find people who also need a gluten-free diet - and who can offer mutual support - for dating etc.
There are a lot of dating sites on the Internet, but most charge a lot of money and don't give any facility to link to people with similar interests.

There is one large free dating website that I think is worth trying:

If you are looking for someone to date, or start a new relationship, possibly with someone who shares your need for a gluten-free diet, add your profile to this site, and in addition to your other interests put the words gluten-free,coeliac
(or celiac in the US).

Good luck

Australian Coeliac Food: from Noreen on 2007-09-08

Cadbuy and Nestle in Australia are gluten free as long as there is no centres etc .

Lollies you can buy gluten free but are expensive

coeliac in young children: from georgina on 2007-10-11

my son at the was 6 months when he first became ill i took him to the doctors and they said he had a bug. a week later i took him back to the doctors and they rushed him straight to hospital all that night they done tests on him and the doctor told me i will be lucky if he survives and that i will not be burying him has he was very ill and lost so much weight. they done a boipsy on him 9 days before his birthday and got the results 6 weeks after and he had cd. he is 3 next month and he is doing well and the diet i have found for him has started to put the weight back on. I am now going through it all again with my 4 year old daughter who has been tested and just waiting for her to have her biopsy so now i am gettin all my children tested now just to make sure to see if they have or have not got it

Coeliac: from Chris on 2007-11-09

Myself, mother and sister have symptoms of Coeliac. My Great Aunt and her brother both had CD symptoms and ulcers and rheumatism and died of stomach cancer.

I too have Rhuematism and after being Gluten Free for nearly a year (before which was GF on and off over the past 17 years) I am eating Gluten and have been referred to a Gastroentorologist for a biopsy.

In 3 weeks I have bloated so much Ive increased 2 clothes sizes. I am tired, hair is lank, really tired and crave bread and cereal bars (with oats) I cant stop craving Gluten although I am having less calories than when I was GF.

I had a colonoscopy in 2001 but was GF throughout that time so the result was negative. How much Gluten should I eat per day to be sure of an accurate diagnosis this time? Because my GP was useless when I asked.

Please help

Coeliac: from Peter on 2007-11-09

I would suggest that if the level of gluten that you are eating has triggered these symptoms then you are eating enough!

Even if the diagnosis doesn't confirm coeliac, your symptoms do. If you recover when you return to a gluten free diet then you have confirmed the diagnosis better than any endoscopy can

Coeliac: from Chris on 2007-11-11


When Im GF the symptoms dissappear. But I want to be offically tested so that the rest of my family members who have symptoms like myself will sit up and take notice of the fact they might have it aswell.

Some of them are very ignorant to it and ignore the symptoms they have. I want to give them a wakeup call so they dont develop stomach cancer like other members of my family and have since died as a result

coeliac . non wheat cereals: from alan marson on 2007-12-09

I have been researching the possibility of someone whom is diagnosed as suffering from coeliacs disease ,but bot associated with wheat gluten .but from other gluten containing cereals