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Re coeliacs: from Peter on 2005-07-07

Amy Jane

These can all be symptoms of the coeliac condition, and everyone of us went through this scary state of not knowing what was wrong.
The good news is that if it is the coeliac condition, then on a completely gluten-free diet the symptoms clear up. Some go quickly, others a month or so, and as long as you avoid gluten they will stay away.

Follow the advice of your doctor and wait for the opinion of the specialist before changing your diet, as this will make the diagnosis more certain.

Do be aware that it may not be the coeliac condition and the doctor may need to do a series of tests to discover what is wrong.


Re coeliacs: from mel hayward on 2006-04-27

Hi everyone, just scanning the net on food allergies,( my 6yrold daughter has just been pre-tested ,diagnosed with both ceoliacs& possible under active thyroid after almost three years of pain, stomache cramps irregular bowel movements, SEVERE ALLERGIC RASH ( hence the now testing for allergies )severe migraine, acute asthma & weight gain she weighs over six stones ( being a very active family & making it my priority to prepare fresh healthy meals for my family you can only imagine my despaeration over the three years, why the health proffesion puts it all down to asthma & viruses!! is beyond me.I am also to have tests as i too suffer with severe depresion, migraine, quite awful short term memory loss too which does not help with mood swings as ads to my already sensitive nature & enhances the whole problem , sometimes feel as though i am going mad ) back pain ,nausea, high blood pressure & very odd attacks of hives ( itchy rashes )& have after a two year long hard battle lost 8 stone only for it to start creeping back on ( i run 5km every day )look like a bag of bones to the waist from there on very swollen especiall y around the knees head down look like a size 10, from the hips more of a size 16 .I am releived that i am not suffering in vain & that both myself & my daughter will hopefully get better , reading everyones case studies is quite uplifting as i do not feel as abnormal !!.I too though am a little confused with other peoples stories on coeliacs, as i am suffering with being overweight ( well i was ) & my daughter is medically obese although it is all around her abdomen very swollen & the gp has said tender & full of wind ( she loooks about 9mths pregnant bless her ) i hope so much that teatment will rectify this for her as she suffers so much with both the emotional struggle & pains in her tummy ( she says mummy calpol doesnt work ) & so suffers with the headcahes & crampe etc...HOW COME WE ARE STRUGGLING WITH A WEIGHT GAIN PROBLEM ?. does anybody know. we have our blood tst tomorrow i am not looking forward to that i will let you know the outcome. bye bye for now & just try to keep smilimg everyone MEL & APRIL