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Consider yourself lucky: from on 2003-08-21

I have had Celiac since I was an infant....I did not know about the disease growing up, so, consequently, I ate everything....I was always sick, but did not know why.In addition to this disease, I have several food allergies, including a big one, I cannot ever, ever, and have never eaten, EGGS....or poultry....or turkey....So, therefore eating out, even eating home is a big deal....The only way out, is to prepare everything myself....from scratch...Also, I find that the celiac way of life, made me gain weight.....(besides dealing with menopause)....I was eating lots of potatos and rice and corn....now, I am afraid to eat those foods, because of gaining weight...
So, consider yourselves lucky....
Have a great day...

Re: Consider yourself lucky: from Amie Houze on 2003-10-15

I am also currently doing G.C.S.E. coursework on the gluten-free diet and i also wondered
* Do you think there is a good variety of gluten free products in restaurants, shops etc?
* Do you find it difficult to maintain a healthy/nutritious diet?

Thank you

Re: Consider yourself lucky: from on 2003-11-04

I am still totally frustrated.....No eggs, no poultry, no wheat, rye, barley and oats....If I eat things with salt, I retain water....if I eat too many carbs, I gain weight.....After a while, one can get crazy with all of these restrictions.....In addition, if I eat alot of tomatos, or tomato products, I get serious heartburn....
Sometimes, I do not feel like cooking...but, the options are very slim....Amy's has a few products that are gluten free...but, they are spicey and with lots of tomato sauce....If I had my way, I would eat meat and potatos, and salad....but, we all know that is not practicable....I have found stores that sell cookies and crackers....and also, found many, many websites to do gluten free shopping....But, most of the gluten free food has eggs....(of course, I am aware of the egg free products)...I would like to order everything, but that would mean gaining lots of weight....
Sometimes, I wake up and literally do not know what to eat.....
Yes, I would admit, I have much issues with eating....
Thanks for listening...
Arlene Tumminello from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Re: Consider yourself lucky: from Jenn on 2004-04-21

I have recenlty started a gluten free and dairy free diet,... I mainly stick to fruit, veg meat and fish,... I have rice cakes instead of bread, rice/soya milk instead of cows milk... but dont really enjoy soya milk dont really like the taste!!!
I do feel very limited sometimes ,.. especially when eating out, the choices are not great in menu's, I have to take gluten free pasta with me to some places, and have to ask what is in in food, (sometimes I feel really crappy when all my friends are eating chocolate cake, ice-cream etc for dessert and I have to sit there with a choice of melon or a fruit etc)... lucky for me the make gluten and dairy free chocolate and cakes in the supermarket because I have a sweet tooth :O)
The Supermarckets provide foods for all different kinds of diet, they have a gluten and dairy free range in tesco.Even Walkers crisps let you know which crisps are suitable for celiacs... making me feel like there is a chioce of things to eat. as for ready meals,... I havent seen many that are suitable.
Nutrition,... I feel that this is a very well balanced diet ,... not as much junk to eat ( pizza, McD's etc) and I'm getting all my vitamins etc from the meat, fish, fruit and veg, I feel healthier overall...!
I dont know if this will help you at all,... but hope it will ... Jenn

Re: Consider yourself lucky: from on 2004-06-26

My son who is 12 was diagnosed with coeliac just a week before christmas 2003.
He is also diabetic on insulin since he was 4.
shopping and trying to balance the foods is difficult, and going out to eat is even harder because I find people in the food industry do not have enough knowledge about coeliac.
They will prepare a gluten free meal for you but how do we know it has not been contaminated eg,
same knife in differant butter dish,gluten free bread in ordinary toaster you get the picture of what I am on about

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Re Consider yourself lucky: from Mark on 2006-04-12

Hi Laura,
I have read all the responses to your question and will say that all of the accounts are accurate and I indeed relate to many of the opinions expressed.
I myself have been diagnosed twice with Coeliac Disease, which is a term that annoys me, as it suggests that those of us that are sufferers are seriously ill.
The facts are simple, this condition is and can be a very serious affliction if abused ,or left untreated, but if a strict diet is adhered too rigidly the symptoms become virtually non existent and a completely normal life is easy, with the exception of a few minor adjustments on the part of the sufferer.
Yes I indeed share some of the sendiments expressed by my fellow sufferers, that meals can be tricky to buy and resturants are a lottery when trying to avoid the dreaded wheat protein "gluten" so detrimental to we poor coeliacs. But please don`t get the impression that we are anything, but unfortunate sufferers of an allergy and that is all it is, an allergy to gluten, as hayfever is an allergy to pollen, just a simple genetic hiccup .
I wish you well in your research and would certainly advise you to visit the Coeliac Society web site, which is absolutely jam packed with all the information you require for your forthcoming GCSE, which I am sure you will do well with.


Re Consider yourself lucky: from angela pembroke on 2006-04-17

Hello, in reference to your query, ive jotted down what its like to be a ceoliac, hope it helps you course!

well ive been a ceoliac for 20 years, i was diagnosed when i was 2. I remember through my childhood, having to stand and wait at resteraunt doors, while my parents ask whats on the menu, and the name of the catering company, while fiddling through the gluten free directory. Having many disapointments through the years, at parties and events, where i just had to sit and watch people eat. I have to admit though, over the years things are alot better for ceoliacs, there is more choice of food, although not really much on the healthy side. Being ceoliac means you eat alot of carbohydrate filled foods, and most of the pre prapared gluten free products are very high in fat. This is due to the addition of calciumated ingrediants, with fat as a binder, as many ceoliacs and dermatitis herpepiformus sufferers are prone to osteoporosis. Ready meals are usually a waste of time, if i do find one that is gluten free, i find it lacks taste, as i am used to having fresh homebaked foods. When i eat out, i tend to go to resteraunts that do steak, or roast chicken. Fast food resturaunts are practicly evil, theres not much point even trying to find something gluten free, and also i have to ensure that what i eat has alot of nutritional value. Personally i tend to opt for vegetables when it comes to getting nutrients and vitamins, as they are all gluten free and there is a wider variety on the market today, than when i was a child.
The facters i look for in a gluten free product, would first be price, as buying the products is very costly, so i usualy bake my own bread which works out cheaper. Secondly is freshness, gluten free bread for example is usually hard enough to bang nails with, and as dry as a summers day, so the fresher it is, the more likely it is to be deemed edible. And i guess the third would be choice, i would like to try new things, although i dont often buy new gluten free products, as sadly to say i am also a fusspot when it comes to food!
And finally, i would love to eat macaroni cheese, soft sandwiches, battered fish and all the chocolate brands!
I hope it helps, sorry if ive waffled on!
good luck in your GCSES!!