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Cornflakes update 2005: from Peter on 2005-08-07

Cornflakes have been regarded as a staple food by many celiacs, but the position is changing.
Kellogs Cornflakes now have a significant amount of Barley and they are NOT gluten-free.
Tesco inform me that their cornflakes are NOT gluten free.
Assume that if it a breakfast cereal packet doesn't say it is gluten-free, it is NOT gluten-free.

You need to ensure that the ingredients on the packet states that the product is gluten-free.

This annoys me a lot as gluten-free breakfast cereals are a lot more expensive than standard supermarket packets.
My standard breakfast now is freshly cooked rice with dried fruit or fresh fruit plus fruit juice, or a cooked breakfast of bacon, eggs, fried potato.

Cornflakes update 2005: from Alison on 2006-03-08

Gluten free cereals

Companies will not label their products 100\% gluten free even if there is no gluten in that line. They can not label 100\% as they produce gluten products in their factories. The likely hood of gluten being in the cornflakes(as long as they do not contain barley malt) is slim to 0, you have to judge for yourself whether you can eat them or not. Keeping a journal for one month eating that type of cereal with no other changes in your diet should tell you whether you can eat them or not.

No company want's to go to the exspence of running gluten free products when they are in the mass market, and they wont run the risk of being sued if they told you there was no gluten in their cornflakes and it got cross contaminated in their factory.

Sorry but that's the way of the world