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Cosmetics and Make Up Gluten / Wheat free - please help: from Karen on 2010-05-14


I need to find some cosmetics that are free from gluten, wheat, (barley, oats, rye), soy, yeast and are vegan (no dairy, casein, lactose, whey.)

Can anyone please help me.

I've tried Afterglow but they have cross contamination issues and have aqdvised me not to use.

Herbs of Grace seems OK but unsure on gluten - has anyone used?

I've also tried contacting Laranim but no reply yet.

Bare essentials and mineral make up both said to avoid because of CC issues.

Barry M have wheatgerm in some products and unsure what the Vit E is derived from.

I've emailed so many firms but replies are slow in returning because I've so many allergies.

Is there any make ups / cosmetics I could use.

Any help is very grateful.

Thanks for reading!