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Cows passing on wheat: from Janis on 2006-06-25

My 6 yr. old son was recently diagnosed with celiac disease. This is a gluten-free
diet, so my question is; since cows feed off of wheat, and we cook and drink cow product, can the wheat be passed on in their meat and milk? Any opinions would be appreciated.

Cows passing on wheat: from Keira on 2009-06-11

I and many people who come into our entirely gf store in Canada, have to eat only meat that has been corn fed or wild range. I was still ill for years after diagnosis and taking out gluten from everything in my diet. I find however, that I can drink milk and it will keep me healthy but the meat is a whole other problem. There are several places - farmers market like - that feed there animals corn instead and we all have no side effects from this meat. In my opinion, I think the gluten poisons the animal and in digestions aborbes like poison does and actually concentrates in them so when we eat it, it only makes us sick.

Maybe that's just us