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Dating, Relationships and being Coeliac: from Peter on 2007-08-10

I wonder how many others find that having to follow a gluten-free diet can put a severe strain on their relationships?
I am only too happy to cook, and eat at home, but this doesn't always go down well with my (ex)partner. When we go in somewhere to eat, I have to check that something looks gluten-free on the menu, before asking staff to check that it is in fact gluten-free. Some commercial chips are coated in flour, or the chips have fragments of batter sprinkled though them etc.
Even menus that state items are gluten-free have mistakes in them (Couscous is wheat Theatre Royal in Plymouth!).
A meal out often ends up being ham, egg and chips, or steak without any sauce and chips or new potatoes.

Holidays have caused similar strain. I like self catering accommodation where I know I can cook my own meals if the restaurants round about don't look too promising. At least I get a good breakfast and can prepare my own packed lunch, but when my (ex)partner is set on a holiday where I think the chances of my being able to eat safely are minimal, the relationship has reached breaking point (- she doesn't want to go on her own). Small hotels in Germany, Austria, Portugal and Spain have generally worked well. Italy has been the worst, France second worst.

This has led me to think about how we can use the Internet to find people who also need a gluten-free diet - and who can offer mutual support - for dating etc.
There are a lot of dating sites on the Internet, but most charge a lot of money and don't give any facility to link to people with similar interests.

There is one large free dating website that I think is worth trying:

If you are looking for someone to date, or start a new relationship, possibly with someone who shares your need for a gluten-free diet, add your profile to this site, and in addition to your other interests put the words gluten-free,coeliac
(or celiac in the US).

Good luck