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DH as a celiac symptom: from on 2002-11-07

br /> For a number of years now I have had terrible skin rashes acompanied with a great deal of blistering which appeared mostly on my legs. Even though I have seen many different dermatologists, no one really could say for certain what was causing this disorder.
It wasn't until I had spoken to my sister, who is now on a gluten free diet for the intestinal part of celiac, that I remembered being diagnosed as a celiac when I was a toddler. At the time in the 50's the general thought was that you would grow out of the condition. As all may well know this is not true. On this information my GP suggested that I see a dietitian to see what they could suggest about the skin problem and overall health in general. The dietitian knew right away what I had based on my background and the type of skin problems that I had been going through.
She explained to me that I have Dermatitis herpetiformis, a condition caused when the intake of gluten is turned into IgA (immunoglobulin A) and is depostied in skin layers. Because of the severe reaction by the bodies immune system to the gluten, antibody cells are produced by the immune system, and these cells inturn attack your skin containing the gluten. She also told me that I might or might not have the celiac intestinal problem related to gluten in my diet.
It was not until 1967 that the medical community linked the DH condition with the Celaic condition. In my case the medical commnunity still does not have a full understanding of this condition due to the long time it took actually determine what was causing my skin problems!
I have been on a gluten free diet for almost a month now, and even though I was told it might take 2 years for the skin reactions to stop, they appear to have stopped altogether. After more than 7 years, this is the first time I have not woken up with burning, itching legs. In addition to this I generally feel much better and more rested after each night's sleep.

If you have friends or family that may have this condition on their skin, I would strongly suggest to them to start a gluten free diet and speak with their GP about testing for the signs of the celiac condition. I have not had the celiac tests yet but I have started the diet and my condition has improved a great deal.

Best regards,

Peter St. Amour

Re: DH as a celiac symptom: from Peter on 2002-11-08

Please let me know what the results of the blood tests show.
I think that there are a large group of people who come out negative on the blood test for the coeliac condition, but should still be on a gluten free diet.


Re: DH as a celiac symptom: from on 2003-10-15

I have had many tests for ecxema including blood tests which showed negative for gluten. However, I saw a Kinesiologist who tested me positive for gluten intolerance. For 8 months I have been on a gluten free diet and have not felt so good for a long time, both bodily and my skin. I have also lost 3kg in weight which is a bonus. My skin is nearly always free from rashes (I am also allergic to formaldehyde which is difficult to remove from the house). I have been introduced to 'Dermatique' which is a natural skin care (creamss/lotions) which I have found to be very good (a bit expensive though

Re: DH as a celiac symptom: from on 2004-08-24

my husband has this and I just started research on this. I have always thought he just had a skin disorder and he told me that certain foods cause this and he shouldnt be eating them but he does, my question is how do you change your diet over night. I want to start preparing his meals so he doesnt have to suffer the skin breakouts which he takes Dapsone for and would rather continue taking it rather then change his eating habits. How do you know for sure what foods have wheat and which ones dont. Its all very confusing to me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your help
Michelle Kaarto

Re: DH as a celiac symptom: from Peter on 2004-08-26

Look at the thread on what you can and cannot eat on a gluten-free diet.


Re: DH as a celiac symptom: from on 2004-10-18

I was told that I have psorises about 8 years ago and have tryed every cream going and nothing has worked. my aunt has celiac and she thinks that my psorises could be to do with celiac. could this be my problem

Re: DH as a celiac symptom: from on 2004-10-18

i was told that I have psorises 8 years ago and have tryed every cream going and none have worked. My aunt has celiac and she thinks that my psorises could be linked to celiac, is psorises linked to celiac

Re DH as a celiac symptom: from Peter on 2005-03-31

Persistant skin rashes are often misdiagnosed as psoriasis.

If the rash persists, a gluten allergy / dermatitis herpetiformis should always be considered.


Re DH as a celiac symptom: from JANET on 2005-11-03

Just discovered your great site... I self-diagnosed myself with DH having had the most awful breakouts -esp. on my lower legs and hands. At first I assumed this was excema as this was something my son had as a child and I had successfully removed him from steroid cream treatment onto a diet cure... But my condition did not respond and, besides, I have a very good diet.

I cut out gluten and within 2 weeks my skin had almost completely cleared up.

I find I have to avoid the following gluten, citrus fruits except lemons, acidy fruits such as strawberries (such a shame), yeast/fermented products, chlorinated water (difficult) for washing etc, most off-the-shelf cleansing products.

I eat almost without exception organic foods, cook with filtered water & drink only good mineral water, organic wine, gluten-free beer in moderation, no fruit juices except apple, use organic cosmetics & cleansing products, take GLA supplements and use tons of organic oils in salads and warm (not hot) cooking - olive, hemp, flaxseed, sunflower, sesame etc.

Village Bakery do some good organic gluten-free products but not enough ready-made gluten-free products are organic and the two need to go together, I find.

Hope this is useful to other DH 'sufferers'.

Re DH as a celiac symptom: from selina on 2006-10-12

I am a bit stumped . My son was having symptoms indicative of celiac or crohns. I have put off getting him tested because these tests are invasive. I did however got his blood tested and his iga was low but his igg was high. he also had a sed rate of 43 and was iron deficient. I have him on mostly gluten free foods and he also is taking enzymes and proboitics. he has gained a few pounds in a week and has energy.
I remember about a year ago my husband broke out i a rash that didint go away for a few months or more. it has since been gone but what I would like to know is can the dh rash disappear wtithout changing your diet? any info would be greatly apreciated thanks