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Diabetes: from Lorraine Sinclair on 2007-04-26

I too am suffering from over-weight. Ive been coeliac for 3 years now and the weight has been the same throughout.I have tried diets i.e scottish slimmers etc. but their healthy sauces etc etc are no good for us! I have now been diagnosed with diabetes as well now - Its a constant cycle to which I can`t fight!!!! The excess weight is really getting me down now - can any-one help me??

Diabetes: from Nina on 2008-03-29

Forgive my ignorance, but perhaps you have an underlying cause that is "bigger" than Celiac.

Have you considered a carbohydrate intolerance/malabsorption such as sugar intolerance? A common misperception is that sugar intolerance is a precursor to diabetes, but after all my reading it seems that it's not related (guess it depends on who you ask).

But if you still have all those problems, perhaps you need to continue your

quest in finding out if indeed your problem has a different root.

Sorry if I sound confusing, but all I want to say is that you should NOT give up. As a complement to your reg. physicians you might want to explore alternative medicine

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