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Diagnosis of daughter: from ingrid on 2008-11-20

My daughter (age 12) has been ill for a while now with stomach pains, diarroah and vomiting, she had blood tests taken a few months back which indicated she was aneamic which we knew as has been from the age of 3, but also her white blood cells were up/down as if fighting infection but doesnt have any sign of infection, they referred us to hospital as celiac test was inconclusive and we had appointment yesterday, they have now taken more blood tests but think celiac disease is top of the list but they have also told us her spleen is enlarged which is obviously very worrying but aside from this she is missing school a lot with vomiting etc and is now getting really upset if sick at school or diarroah and hospital have given us an appointment to go back on 1st April which is so far away and she is so ill, I dont know what else to do I feel so bad for her as she is miserable. please has anybody any ideas.



Diagnosis of daughter: from Peter on 2008-11-20

This is a very worrying time for you, but hopefully the latest blood tests will point to a way forward within a few days. April does sound rather a long way ahead for a follow up visit. Do discuss the latest results with your GP as soon as you can, and if need be make a fuss!!
Diagnosing conditions like this can be very difficult, but there is one thing that you can do that will help: Keep a very detailed diary of everything that your daughter eats, drinks, and also record all instances of sickness etc.
Don't try and follow a restricted diet at this stage as that can make diagnosis more difficult. Instead ensure that your daughter eats a very broad and balanced diet, not eating the same thing every day. i.e. different types of breakfast, not bread every day, different fruit every day, different vegetables every day. Eventually some patterns may emerge that will aid the diagnosis

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