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do chinese food has gluten: from Sophanya on 2006-12-03

i was wondering if most of the chinese food has gluten in it??
like the General Tso's with pork fried rice. (with like red type of sauce)

do chinese food has gluten: from cindy on 2008-01-07

I work in a chinese restaurant as well as having a daughter with celiac, Most food in a chinese restaurant has gluten, anything with batter (flour) , soy sauce has wheat, and soy sauce is in a majority of dishes and sauces. But a chinese restaurant also has rice noodles, an abundance of vegetables. It is best to go to a chinese rest. that you can speak with a manager or owner who you can explain your issue with and many tasty dishes can be made. Avoid anything with a marinade (even some thing like wings or pork (the red part is a marinade). Ask for something made with a clear sauce (cornstarch & water, garlic). Just be aware as with any restaurant there is always a risk of contamination. But my daughters two favorites are a rice sticks (has shrimp and veg. no pork) and beef and string beans with garlic sauce. Also, remember in many restaurants french fries may be cooked in the the same oil as other things such as onion rings or chicken tenders, etc. with flour based batter. Good Luck

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