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Do others have problems with white wine: from hazel channon on 2006-12-27

Until I was told that I have a gluten and wheat problem I drank white wine not realising that possibly was adding to my discomfort.

Now I occasionally have a glass but wonder if the wine contains sulphites that could be the problem . Has anybody a wine they can recommend that seems to suit them.

Thanks so much Hazel

Do others have problems with white wine: from cinds on 2007-05-15

I drank a few glasses of a south african white wine and my head ached and I felt sick with cramps. I rarely drink these days and thought I would try a bottle of wine for Mothers Day. I had to take a day off work as I had been up all night with nausea and cramps.

As of now I WONT be drinking anymore white wine. Its just not worth it.


Do others have problems with white wine: from Natasha on 2008-02-19

Dear Hazel,

I had some fantastic white wine a couple of days ago, it is from the Pelee Island winery, and it was a vidal. I don't know if you are in the States, so maybe you wouldn't be able to get it, but I found it quite fine on the stomach.

It's the reds I am having real problems with! Especially Yellow Tail cabernet.....Whew!


Do others have problems with white wine: from mandy on 2009-02-22

ive never been able to drink/eat white wine lager or pizza, never really thought anything of it, just stayed away from it cos It gave me cramps.

However, ive just been diagnosed with a wheat allergy and those were the 1st 3 things my doctor told me to stay off.

try ice cold perry / babycham. ive never had a problem with that. its weird pear cider is all the rage at the moment and Ive been drinking it for 25 years.

young lads think its the NEW cool drink until you tell them is just a form of babycham!!!! lol

The other thing I drink is Holston Pils, this doesnt bother me one bit.

Bar staff think im odd because I ask for holston not pils or lager.

But it has to be holston other pils or lagers are a nightmare.

hope this helps

Do others have problems with white wine: from michael frayne on 2009-08-31

I am a coeliac like many others and suffered a reaction to white wine recently. I drank three glasses of white wine on an empty stomach. I appeared completely drunk and passed out without getting sick. I recovered but i wont be drinking any more wine

Do others have problems with white wine: from Lynn on 2009-09-08

I found that I can handle most Champagnes better than wine which is a shame as I LOVE wine, but find now that I feel very ill the next day so stick with the bubbles.

Most Italian Prosecos are fine and most of the good French champagnes. Buy 1/2 bottles and try them to see how you react