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Do you use prescriptions: from sarah topen on 2007-10-15

Hi, my name is sarah and I in my final year of a degree in dietetics.I am carrying out some research on the use of prescriptions for gluten free food, and the reasons why many people diagnosed with coeliac disease do not use them.

I would be really grateful if anyone could use this discussion board to let me know the reasons that they may have chosen not to bother using a prescription to obtain gluten free food.

Note to all, I am a coeliac myself, and I dont use a prescription due to a combination of finding it too much of a hassle, and preferring the gluten free foods in the supermarkets.

Your help is much appreciated

Do you use prescriptions: from Peter on 2007-10-15

I don't use prescription foods for a number of reasons:

many contain synthetic ingredients that I don't consider to be healthy.
many use highly refined flour that is not as nutritious as the natural food.
I can buy plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh meat and fish easily in the supermarket - I don't need foods that copy those with gluten in.
Being coeliac has made me very aware of what constitutes a healthy diet, and many prescription foods don't rate highly in this context.
Prescription charges can cost more than the fresh food from the supermarket.
Home cooked food tastes better.