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Does anyone know of UK Gluten intolerance testing: from on 2003-05-09

I know there isn't a test, per say, but any info on any clinic that deals with Gluten Intolerances would be appreciated

Re: Does anyone know of UK Gluten intolerance testing: from Peter on 2003-05-13

The only effective test is free, via your own NHS Doctor.
But don't start a gluten-free diet before the test. It won't work after.


Re: Does anyone know of UK Gluten intolerance testing: from donna gasquet on 2007-04-22

Dear Sir,

I am returning to France after two years in Dakar, Senegal...I have been following a strict gluten-free diet for the past 12 months after my husband and I "self-diagnosed" gluten intolerance as the root of my bloated-yet-thin woes...My problem is that upon visiting my home in Oregon last year, an allergist and a gastroenterologist both came up with negative results from testing...although they said since I had been very strict in my adherence to the gluten-free regime (not even consuming bouillon cubes, soy sauce, glucose syrops etc) for the four months prior to the tests ...they could have likely been inaccurate...

My question is this: How long must one ingest gluten to be accurately tested and how much gluten must one consume on a daily basis in order to obtain an accurate reading? I must admit to finding precious little information on this subject here in Dakar, and I'm not sure I want to reintroduce gluten if it is not necessary as I have felt much better since eliminating gluten from my diet.

Re: Does anyone know of UK Gluten intolerance testing: from Peter on 2007-04-22

There are some medical papers published on the time needed for eating gluten before the tests are again positive.
The results showed that the time was very variable, with some people who had been confirmed previously by biopsy, still showing negative results at the end of the experiment.

Where testing is done in the UK the period suggested is often 6 weeks, but the amount of gluten ingested can also be very variable. Negative results will not be as reliable after 6 weeks as for someone who has never been on a gluten-free diet.

The question to ask yourself is, would you go back to eating gluten if the tests come out negative? If the answer is no, then there is little point in putting yourself through the stress of reintroducing gluten in your diet.

Re: Does anyone know of UK Gluten intolerance testing: from Sam on 2007-04-24

I have just come across this message board so I hope none of you mind me posting a view regarding testing. For many many years I was told by my GP that I was suffering for IBS. However I did put myself on a Gluten Free Diet and within weeks felt like a new woman, but by doing this it meant that no one was able to give me a test that would be reliable, I had the blood test and it did as expected come back negative, however I did have to put Gluten back into my body for a period of 6 weeks and I have to say it was the worst 6 weeks of my life, but I had biopsy as my doctor said even if the blood test did come back postive I would have to have the biopsy anyway, I did this test privately as my GP said it was all in my head. The test came back that I did have Celiac Disease, but I have to say the help I now get its was worth the 6 weeks pain. I have had a bone scan and being treated Very well by the NHS, the only part I am annoyed with is I had to go private my GP has since said sorry, but I hope I have raised his awareness. So I think it is worth 6 weeks of pain and the help you then get is massive.

Re: Does anyone know of UK Gluten intolerance testing: from Kate on 2007-04-25

I just want to say I feel for you. I was diagnosed with coeliac only last November after having been really ill for 5 years. Two consultant doctors had told me that I had IBS, I had had blood tests done for coeliac, but these had come back negative. I changed to another doctor in the practice and as she had a friend who suffers from coeliac she was much more aware of the disease and I was sent for an endoscopy and had biopsies taken which showed that I was suffering from coeliac.

I agree that I too was treated very well once a diagnosis was made. The funny thing was though after the endoscopy at the hospital they wanted me to eat something before discharging me, and all they had to give me was a sandwich. (The doctor could see immediately that I had coeliac although biopsies were taken and confirmed the diagnosis.)