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Does whey have gluten in it: from on 2003-02-09

I found a new bread mix for the bread machine that didn't actually cost me an entire paycheck. The package says Wheat Free/Gluten Free. Yet the ingredients list whey. It was my understanding that whey had gluten in it. Is this true? Or are there forms of whey without gluten? I'm wondering how they can claim this is gluten free if it contains whey. Any help anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated

Re: Does whey have gluten in it: from Lyn on 2003-02-09

Whey is from milk -which does not contain gluten, so, unless you have lactose intolerance, you are safe to eat whey.
Hope you enjoy your first bread machine loaf

Re: Does whey have gluten in it: from on 2003-05-28

Thank you so much for the response to Brenda for this question.
It was the exact question I was asking.
It hard enough to find food that I can eat.
Thanks again!

Re: Does whey have gluten in it: from Marissa on 2008-04-10

Thank you!!!!!!!!

I love tootsie rolls, and a coffee ice cream, and they have whey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does whey have gluten in it: from Ann McReynolds on 2009-08-08

If a product that actually has no gluten is made in a kitchen where breads, cakes etc have been made, it cannot be advertized as gluten free.

I was told to never use a bowl if flour had even once been in the bowl, as you cannot get rid of the residue.

I am supposed to use my own plate, silverware so they cannot be contaminated