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Dr. not concerned: from on 2003-01-10

I am a little concerned as my whole life I have had stomach issues and he had me on medice for almost a year. I took 1 pill every day to settle my stomach. Since then I have been eliminating foods for 2 week trails to see if that helps. Eliminating wheat and gluten has seemed to work.

Now I have stopped the pills and my GP says that is good and I do not need to test further as if that is stopping my issues then that is great. After reading more and more I am wondering if I should get a test and also test my vitiman levels? Should I just maintain as gluten free as possible or demand tests?

By the way I though that I was just being a hypocondriac and after reading all these posting I feel way better. I too have had that fuzzy feeling in my head and multiple headaches and upset stomach and have had a yeast infection every month for 10 years! Being gluten free has stopped or dramatically reduced all these symptoms - THANKS

Re: Dr. not concerned: from Peter on 2003-01-11

You are unlikely to want to go back to eating gluten whatever the results of the tests if you are certain that your health has improved on a gluten-free diet.
Tests are not as effective for the celiac condition once you have started the gluten-free diet - they need to be done while still eating gluten.
You should discuss with your doctor whether you have any symptoms of vitamin deficiencies. Bone density and calcium tests can be useful.

Do make sure that you eat a good and varied diet.