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Drinks: from on 2001-11-22

Hi....I think I may have a gluten intolerance. I recently had a major operation, and since have had several pain attacks, the most recent taking me a long time to recover from, as all the tests for "serious" problems showed I was OK.

I have started a gluten free diet, and have noticed considerable improvement. However, I love beer and was disappointed to find that its not gluten free. What about wine and other beverages>? Please could you provide some advice?

Best Regards,


Re: Drinks: from on 2001-11-26

HTML>Beer, Lager, cloudy lemonade, barley drinks contain some gluten.

Wine, clear lemonade, and all spirits are gluten free.


Re: Drinks: from on 2001-12-27

I was diagnosed with GT about 13 years ago. I am surprised that spirits (I presume you mean wiskey, scotch, cordials) are considered gluten free. I generally stick to wine if I wish as alcoholic drink.

Re: Drinks: from on 2002-02-12

Unfortunately, I have found with a blood test that I now need to leave out yeast containing drinks, so I guess the original question was academic. As far as I know, the only alcohol I can drink now is Spirits, as they are distilled.

Cheers, (!!)


Re: Drinks: from on 2004-02-06

most of the drinks are fermented from wheat.you had better check your sources

Re Drinks: from katherine simpson on 2005-06-06

I recently been diagnosed with yeast gluten and wheat allergies and are avoiding them. I got told vodka and gin (white spirits) are ok to drink. is that right?

Re Drinks: from Paul Bradley on 2005-07-04

I've no personal problem but as a barman i'm having to deal with stigma to do with gluten in certain products, eg Makers Mark Bourbon and Absolut and Ketel One vodkas amongst others as they are distilled from wheat. I don't believe that complex protein structures could make it through the distillation process but would like some one to give me the last word on the subject as regards spirits, beer in general and wheat beers especially also wines, soft drinks etc as regards ingredients in cocktails etc if i'm sourcing unusual ingredients i want to be sure i know what effect the drinks might have

Re Drinks: from Katie on 2006-03-18

Is diet coke gluten free?

Re Drinks: from Simone Ryan on 2006-04-18


Are there any softdrinks that are gluten free? For instance diet coke?

Re Drinks: from Peter on 2006-04-18

The drinks to beware of are those containing barley, such as barley water and some cloudy lemonades. Avoid any flavoured with malt extract.

Fruit juices should be gluten-free

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