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Re Drinks: from sophie on 2006-06-01

there, was just wondering if there are any cordials that are gluten-free and if so which ones.

Re Drinks: from sophie rennison on 2006-06-04

i was just wondering if there are any gluten-free cordials as none of them say on them, and if so which ones.
thanks sophie

Re Drinks: from Peter on 2006-06-04

Most cordials should be gluten-free.
Check that the liquid looks clear, and check the ingredients list.

For example I am drinking bottlegreen elderflower cordial. This contains sugar, spring water, elderflowers, citric acid, preservative sulphur dioxide.

This is completely gluten-free.

Beware any cordial that includes barley or starch or modified starch in the ingredients list. They would not be gluten-free.

Re Drinks: from Peter on 2006-06-04

Beware of ginger beer. Some brands contain gluten as modified starch to give them a cloudy appearance.

Re Drinks: from Jason on 2006-06-13

What is Cointreau based on(grape-brandy etc)? I find it hard to get this info anywhere. Contrary to what some people say,many coeliacs react to alcohols based on gluten containing grains. At the moment I stick to Dom Benedictine,Grand Marnier,brandy,rum,Kahlua as far as spirits go.

Re: Drinks: from jo on 2006-12-31

you say all spirits are gluten free; i have been told whiskey is not as it is made from malt

Re: Drinks: from Peter on 2006-12-31

It is very unlikely that any protein would survive the process of double distillation in making a spirit. However it is up to you to make the decision about the information that you have and how you will use it. If you think that there still remains a risk, then go for spirits made from potato starch, or from grape wines, or simply avoid alcoholic drinks altogether.

Re: Drinks: from Geraldine on 2007-03-02

could anyone tell me if red wine or brandy is suitable for coeliac.


Re: Drinks: from Peter on 2007-03-02

There are no problems with any grape based wines and the spirits made from them

Re: Drinks: from pb on 2007-03-19

Is campari and soda ok to drink on a gluten free diet?