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Drinks: from Sheila on 2008-04-07

There is a beer that is gluten free. It is called redbridge. They sell it at star liquor

stores. There are 5 stores in the minneapolis area

Drinks: from Barbara on 2009-05-11

When I was diagnosed over twenty years ago the advise was to avoid real ales but standard beers were OK. I have continued drinking bitter without any ill effects. However if I accidently consume something containing gluten I am violently ill.

When I have queried this before I was advised that by the time the beer had completed the brewing process, particularly with modern mass produced beers, no gluten would be present. Over the years I have become used to my gluten free diet and accept it without a problem but I couldn't imagine not being able to drink bitter.

Are there any other coliacs out there that are happily drinking beer?