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Eating out: from on 2003-07-06

Other than Out Backs Steakhouse, what other resturants and fast food place or items are good for gluten free diets. My son is 16 and newly diagnosed like all 16 year olds he is used to catching a burger and fries

Re: Eating out: from on 2004-07-02

Check out Wendy chili , frosty& burger (no bun

Eating out GF/WF diet: from Linda Adcovk on 2006-05-15

I'm sick of food. Although I have to watch my weight I have to watch my health. I was told I had Ceoliac about 4 to 5 years ago. I still don't get it right. Sometimes I cheat but the only thing I get is mouth ulcers and blisters on my hands. Since having this problem I crave chocolate which I never bothered with before. Before this I enjoyed my food and social life. All I seem to do is think of food and what to have. I know I sound a right misery but this is how it has made me feel. If anyone has any suggestions to get me out of this rut about food please advise.

yours desperatley

Re Eating out: from Janis on 2006-06-25

If you're on a gluten-free diet and "OutBack" is listed as an ok restaurant to go to,
what about "cross-contamination"? Also, what are the "safe" foods there?

Re: Eating out: from uma on 2007-01-04


I want know whether whey is a gluten free or a gluten.

please clear my doubts

Re: Eating out: from Peter on 2007-01-04

Whey is the milk that remains after the butterfat has been removed.
It is gluten-free

Re: Eating out: from jwilmoth on 2007-03-27

I ate at Outback Steakhouse in Naples, FL last evening and have in Dayton, OH, as well. Both locations have a specifice GF menue.


Re: Eating out: from anna teague on 2007-06-21

What other restaurants (regular and fast food) have GF items? Thanks for your help.

Re: Eating out: from Stephanie on 2007-06-25

P.F Changs (Chinese Bistro) has a gluten free menu and were INCREDIBLY helpful in answering questions and concerns I had.

Re: Eating out: from Jen on 2007-06-28

most restaurant websites have a link to nutrition information taht you can click on and there you can find a gluten-free menu. Taco Bell is good for fast food, you can eat the hard shells and they have an extensive gluten free menu if you request it. The cheesecake factory was very helpful and i have dined there several times gluten-free. if I'm on the go, subway salads are always a good choice, as well as McDonalds burgers (no buns, no cheese)... I usually get a happy meal with no buns, no cheese, apple dippers, and a drink, that way it's healthy and gluten-free. I've had no problems getting a gluten free menu at Chilli's, Texas Roadhouse, Red Lobster, Cheddar's, and Applebee's.... chances are if you ask and they look in their nutritional guide at the restaurant, they have a gluten-free guide... because if they serve you something and you have an allergic reaction to it, they don't want to be responsible!

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