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Re: Eating out: from Tim on 2007-07-07

Does yeast have gluten in it?

Re: Eating out: from Peter on 2007-07-07

Yeast itself is gluten-free.
However yeast grown on malted barley will be contaminated by gluten from the barley, so it does depend on how the yeast has been prepared or grown.

Re: Eating out: from Becky Owens on 2007-07-16

Outback and Bonefish Grill both have Gluten Free meaus

Re: Eating out: from uma on 2007-09-13


Thankyou for responding my question. Here I have an another question, I want to people with tropical sprue have to avoid gluten or not. please give me reliable answer. b'coz I took the bllod test & found no celiac sprue.

Re: Eating out: from Peter on 2007-09-13

Tropical sprue is a disease caused by an infectious agent.
Patients commonly have acute diarrhea with fever and malaise. A chronic phase of milder diarrhea, nausea, anorexia, abdominal cramps, and fatigue follows.
Tropical sprue occurs chiefly in the Caribbean, southern India, and Southeast Asia, affecting both natives and visitors. The illness is rare in visitors spending < 1 mo in areas where the disease is endemic.
It is cured by treatment with tetracycline.
There are no dietary restrictions.

see https://www.merck.com

Re: Eating out: from umamanick on 2007-09-16

Thankyou once again. Is there necessary to find celiac sprue only by endoscopy & biopsy or a blood test is more sufficient evidence for celiac sprue. Because Doctor say he don't see celiac sprue in blood.

please help.

Re: Eating out: from Pete on 2008-04-14

Olive Garden has a limited Gluten Free menu

Eating out: from Megan on 2008-04-24

PF Changs, Chilis, Maggianos all have gluten-free menus. There is also an excellent hamburger bun from Whole Foods I carry with me when I know I need a burger

Eating out: from Amy Joy on 2008-07-20

There is a gluten free menu at Olive Garden. It was really delicious

Eating out GF/WF diet: from JayDog on 2008-07-27

Dear Desparate,

I say go shopping and spend time buying and sampling all types of gluten free foods to stock your kitchen. I found once I got rid of the things I couldn't eat and stocked my kitchen with tasty gluten free products, it made the drastic change seem manageable. It is important to get things that taste similar to the gluten products based on your tastes. I make sure my pantry has sweets, staples like crackers, bread, cereal, pasta etc. That way I have the things I love right at my finger tips and I don't have to feel sorry for myself. When it goes to eating out, I did reasearch on where I could eat gluten free and I stick to those places. Actually there are many places where you could find something to eat. You may have to bring your own sauce. Like I am bringing my own soy sauce to Japan. That way you don't have to worry. I tell you this because I think you should jump in with both feet and start the new life of gluten free. It is not that bad. Do your homework (it takes preparation but it is worth it) and you will find after a few weeks you have adapted easily, both full and happy