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Eating out GF/WF diet: from Bebop on 2008-08-14

I had lunch today at Longhorn Steak House and was given a gluten-free menu when I told the waitress I had celiac disease

Eating out: from kmn on 2009-02-02

Chili's Has a Great Gluten Free Menue

Eating out: from joe White on 2009-03-05

I work for HOPS grill and Brewery in Matthews,NC. We have gluten free items availible. I am currently working on a seperate menu to help your dining experience. Just ask for me if you come in

Eating out: from G on 2009-03-10

My mom and sister have the same problem. McDonald's has no gluten in their burgers and neither does Ruby Tuesday's.



Re Eating out: from T Bell on 2009-05-02

The outback steakhouse has a new gluten free menu. The best part is their brownies are gluten free! You can also order a full sheet of them, just order 2 days ahead.

This menu does not have anything on it that could possibley be cross contaminated.

Re: Eating out: from Dorthi on 2009-08-16

Ok my daughter is 8 with a wheat allergy and we were told Mc Ds burgers and any other pre made burger was not wheat free

Re: Eating out: from Peter on 2009-08-16

In the UK Mcdonalds Big Mac, without the bun, hamburger, without the bun, quarterpounder with cheese, without the bun, are listed as gluten-free.

Burger King lists angus patty, hamburger patty, mini angus patty, whopper beef patty, all again without the bun as gluten-free

Eating out: from lacey on 2009-08-21

Hey...good news! Your son can still eat at his favorite burger joint!!! I go to In-N-Out and order a cheese burger protien style...it comes wrapped in lettuce no bun!!! If im not in california I still can order a burger and I just ditch the bun and eat with a fork! Fries are fine so its not that hard!!! Tons of resaurants have stuff to order!!! TGI Fridays is great because they have their sizzlin hot menu...this usually comes with mashed potaoes and veggies....and then like meat and seafood....other great junk foods ...natchos (you can have corn chips)

go to a health store they have awesome gluten free treats

Re Eating out: from Jackie on 2009-09-15

Outback has a gluten free menu actually!!! And a great restaurant for some good ol american fries and such is Red Robin! They also have a gluten free menu

Eating out: from on 2009-12-28

The branch La Tasca is brilliant for eating out. All the tapas on the menu state beside them wether they are gluten free or not, many options on the menu available and i really enjoy going there