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Energy Levels: from on 2001-12-05

I sity in the UK and been reading your site with interest as I am medically diagnosed coeliac by jejunal biopsy. There are several points I might chip in on, but, a major thing for me is can you recommend how I can modify my diet so as to increase my energy levels [but not increase my wieght]. I eat fish rather than meat. I love veg, fruits, and any pure food which appeals.
Thanking you in advance and look forward to your reply.
Jean Hill

Re: Energy Levels: from on 2001-12-07

HTML>Fish, potato, rice, veg, fruit provide an excellent diet.
If your weight is low or you are losing weight, try adding a little olive oil to your diet to increase its energy levels.
(don't add more sugar, pure starch or sweet drinks)

If you feel lacking in energy shortly after a meal, but recover later, you may be eating too much sugar and refined starch in flour, biscuits, bread etc.

If you feel short of energy, but are putting on weight, try a program of exercises to gradually build up stamina, but also consult your doctor.


Re: Energy Levels: from on 2001-12-27

Hi Peter
Thanks for this. I cannot seem to stop putting weight on, so will start to combine exercise within my daily routine. Will consult GP for more specific guidance. Again, thanks.

Re: Energy Levels: from on 2004-04-23

I have been experiencing severe mental and physical exhaustion. It has been advised to me that I should increase the intake of meats, eggs, chicken, milk, juices, breads into my diet; however, there is one very critical ingredient that makes my personal crisis all the more complex. You see, I have adult-addhd. Tus, I am allergic to many food products. I have seen a plethora of doctors and physicians, not to mention psych-counelors. All they could really inform me to do was take anti-depress: ssri's, and even recently zyprexa for possible, but not officially diagnosed, manic-depression. Thus, as mentioned, I am physically burned out. Just don't have the energy nor vitality. Mental-wise, I am have a difficult time performing basic tasks, concentrating and even remembering simple stuff. What are your suggestions?
-desperate for answers- sjcf

Energy Levels: from steven whitley on 2010-07-21

Hey i just got told i have celiac diease yesterday. i've cut out all gluten and already feel a big differents. Before i found out i have had a very clean table for a year now. diet it is a huge factor in energy levels. try to eat to close as to all natural as possible. I wake up have a quart of water and then a quart of herbal tea in the morning, 20 mins later i eat fruit until noon, as much as i want. then the rest of the day i eat lots of salad with all types of different greens. Letteuce, beet greens, chard, kale, anything green. I like to eat a handful of raw nuts a day. i stay away from prossced foods. espically white flour and white sugar. i eat white meat maybe 2 times a week. let me know if this helps