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Facial rash: from on 2004-04-26

I have been a coeliac for about 7 years going through the usual digestive problems and symptoms. I am suddenly developed a facial rash of which some spots erupt into blisters or pussy spots. I need to know if it could be a side effect of the ceoliacs disease. Has anyone come across this before, or do I need to look at alternative allergies - argh. I have had this rash for about 3 months

Re: Facial rash: from on 2004-04-27

Ann, I have read on several internet pieces that there is a rash associated with this disease. Try researching it on the web...wish I could remember the name of it, but at the moment I am having an early "senior" moment. It is out there on the web, though.

Re: Facial rash: from on 2004-11-16

i have had this rash for 2 weeks. It is on the chin area, mostly on one side. It is starting to spread. I have tried a few home treatments and using vasaline and i camt to believe that that was aiding it. It looks like very tiny blisters, but they are not. sometoimes itchy and maybe a little scally. Anyone out there have a suggestion other than seeing a dermatologist. eileen

Re: Facial rash: from on 2004-11-26

I wonder if someone out there who can help me I am a mother 34 years old with three children and have Astma, i regularly use inhalresi fear the fact getting infected with cold or flu, because i end up in hospital with breathing problem. however in the past 6 months i seem to develop some form of res rash on my cheeks tiny red spots they are apparent at close range i can not figure out the cause but it seem to be associated with my period. it has disapeared and come back again. can any one help

Re: Facial rash: from on 2005-01-14

I have this exact problem. Has anyone replied and if so,what have they suggested

Re Facial rash: from Katie on 2006-03-18

Does anyone know of anyhting that you can apply to your face to help relieve the itching and spreading of the rash?

Re Facial rash: from mel hayward on 2006-04-27

Hi reading through to help both myself & my 6yr old daughter ( just been diagnosed ) , i have tried everything too releive her rash it is all over her face & shoulders , occasionally the whole body very itchy & quite sore when she gets over heated, have not found anything too prevent it re-occurring even though for seven days have managed her gluten & lactose strictly, GP did not recommend anything other than shelf anthistimaines ( they do not seem to work )does anyone know what can be done ? HELP thanks MEL & APRIL

Re Facial rash: from Peter on 2006-04-27

If the rash is from exposure to gluten, then 7 days is not long enough for it to subside.
It should decline slowly over a period of several weeks, and eventually disappear altogether.
In some cases the rash may take longer to subside in spite of following a completely gluten-free diet.

I am afraid that only your doctor can recommend suitable treatments to alleviate the discomfort.

Re Facial rash: from sonny on 2006-05-17

I have been using Eurax cream for my blisters I bought It over the counter at my chemist,It took a week to see a difference and I only have to apply It every few days now to keep the blisters at bay.Only use a tiny ammount otherwise your skin will peel.