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Facial rash: from mandy on 2009-02-22

hello, ive just had the test for my rash the doc was thinking it was Dermatitis Herptiformis. mine is on my hands face and chest and she said that even thought its brought on by eating wheat its not dermatitis herptiformis because its in the wrong places on my body.

I dont know if thats any help.

I must admit other than the constant itching it was the rash on my face that prompted me to go to the docs. however even though I have been diagnosed with a wheat allergy they are hoping as they have caught it early, it will not progress but only time will tell

Re Facial rash: from jenny on 2009-05-07

Dermaid is the products name if you live in australia or any .05 cortisone cream.Once you have been gluten feee for several weeks it should clear without the cream this worked for me but you should see a doctor or dematoligist self diagnosis and associating everything with your celiac disease may mean you wont get the treatment you need

Re Facial rash: from john on 2009-10-04

Hi there,

It seems like I might be experiencing the same thing as you did. How long did your rash take to clear up after you went gluten free?

Re Facial rash: from Heather on 2010-02-20

I was diagnoses with celiac disase about 5 years ago, i had this really bad rash on my nose and under both of my eyes across my checks its commonly known as the "butterfly" rash. I had it so bad it looked like i had second or third degree burns on my face, it was very itchy and painful. i was in and out of the doctor and no one could tell me what it was... i used so many different prescription cream and nothing seemes to work. fianlly my doctor suggested washing my face with selsum blue ( dandruff shampoo) i did this every morning for a week and it work! I have never had it again as bad as that time but once in a while i will get it. And it seems to be when i am under alot of stress

Facial rash: from natalie on 2010-03-30

Hi there,

I just want to say that I have huge sympathy with you! I am a coeliac and if I don't rigidly stick to a gluten free diet I will get a foul and horrible rash on my nose spreading onto my cheeks. little individual spots which are blistery and an overall look of redness.

I hate it and my Father also is a coeliac and had the same awful rash. I find that if I am extremely careful the rash will go, but even a bag of crisps that aren't suitable and have a little amount of gluten in them I will still wake up the next day and get the heavy duty make-up on! :(

The only solution is stay off the gluten....even tiny amounts are enough! And unfortunately, gluten is found in less obvious things, so if the rash is persisting, look very carefully into everything you are eating.

best wishes,


Facial rash: from Joanne on 2010-11-05

I just recently found out I might be allergic to gluten. I've had symtoms for about 2-3 years of constipation, fatigue and a bumpy rash on my face that I thought was acne. I've started on the diet just a week ago and have noticed I have more energy and I am able to go to the bathroom regularly. I'm now concerned on my face. How long should it take for the rash to start clearing up and is there a special facewash and/or face lotion I should use. I have very sentive, acne prone skin. Any info will help, thanks

Re Facial rash: from neytiri on 2010-11-14

I used pure tea tree oil on a Q-tip to put on my face...it's strong, but the scent wears off, and it really helps clear up the rash. Wish I knew what really caused this...I've had the rash before and after going gluten-free

After using the tea tree oil, I moisturize with Organic pure aloe vera oil or jojoba oil...both of which can be found at your closest Health Food Store or online...I've found that these are the best quality and cheapest at Trader Joe's.

Hope this helps

Re Facial rash: from Lisa on 2011-01-07

Hello Mel and April -

I just read your post in regard to your 6 year old daughters facial rash. I have a 6 year old daughter suffering with a chronic red face that comes and goes but recently is pretty much at the chronic stage and has not cleared 100\% in a few weeks. My daughter also suffers all over body itching every night. I attribute it to a drop in natural cortisol levels and that her body is just done by 9pm at night,

I would love to talk to you more to find out what exactly your daughter is going/has gone through. I feel quite lost as we keep getting a diagnosis of "contact dermatitis", at least 2 allergist think her problem is all chemical and I am just not sure although I do think she has some degree of contact dermatitis.

She has recently started to complain more of stomach pain and has increased diarrhea. I just started keeping a strict food & symptom diary. I am thinking it's possible she has some celiac signs but I am also wondering about milk/dairy as well.

She had a postive test to peanuts, treenuts & sesame last year. After we stopped nuts, her eczema which she suffered with since 1 year old was GONE. We still see some eczema flares to her legs and elbows/hands from time to time but its very under control now.

Recently, she has tested allergic to almost every food we have tested her for....several fruits and vegetable, potatoes, rice...pretty much everything. An allergist recently told us those tests are pretty inconclusive as she is reacting to everything on blood test.

Any info you could share would be much appreciated. I am very frustrated and stressed with this whole mess.

Please contact me asap.

Thank You!
Lmsanders25 -at- gmail.com

Re: Facial rash: from John Flynn on 2011-01-27

It sounds very much like you have a milk protein allergy - probably casein.

if you have a bit of cheese one day and get he rash about 3 -5 hours later it could be it. if a few days later you eat a bit of lactose free cheese and get the same rash. then you probably have it.

hope that helps.

if you email me your blood type I'll give a a few pointers as to what not to eat. kind regards John

Researched diet of my daughter for 3 years she has FM, Milk Protien allergy, and is on a very specific low fodmap, blood type diet. she now has no issues

Re: Facial rash: from sal on 2012-04-13

I have exactly the same thing same location....have tried steroid cream which helps but does not clear it...soon as i stopped using it blisters appear again...now trying virul cream...5 x day for 10 days...I've been diagnosed coeliac 5 years...I'm now beginning to think I need to go corn free too

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