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Fatigue: from on 2002-06-24

Is one of the symptoms of Celiacs Disease extreme fatigue if you eat the wrong thing by accident?
Thank you

Re: Fatigue: from Peter on 2002-06-24

It is possible, if you eat enough to inflame the digestive system, that you don't absorb enough food and so are short of energy.


Re: Fatigue: from on 2002-06-25

But if I have been extremely careful, can one instance knock me down to the points of headaches and fatigue?

Re: Fatigue: from on 2002-09-24

Ward, from my own experience I would say yes

Re: Fatigue: from on 2002-12-05

This is something I've found to be absolutely true. I actually went to get tested for Mono at what point because I felt so chronically tired, before I realized that an integral part of my diet had contained wheat and I was being affected by celiac. It really knocked me out!
Fatigue is absolutely from celiac

Re: Fatigue: from on 2003-01-02

Many times over my twenties I felt like I was 94 years old. Now that I'm 30 and have been on the gluten free diet for over 6 months I feel much, much better. Like a normal human being should. I thought I was stressed out all of the time, but I dealt with alot of stress this past summer and was practically bouncing off the walls. Even my personality has changed...I feel like I did when I was in elementary school, but more mature of course! My sense of humour returned when I was less fatigued. t

Re: Fatigue: from Lyn on 2003-01-20

If I accidentally eat gluten I have the usual reactions (feeling sick, bloating, pain, diarrhoea) but I also feel very very tired & just have to go to bed

Re: Fatigue: from on 2003-04-27

I seem to react very strongly to hidden gluten. I have been GF for 6 months I have also developed a lactose intolerance. I still get very fatigued. Im worried about returning to work as I've been off for such a long time and my job is very demanding both physically and mentally. Will I always have periods of ill health due to coeliacs? should I look for a more accommadating job? I just don't know how much this disease is going to effect me. I would be really pleased to have communication with other sufferers as at the moment I have none and I believe that it will help me and then in turn I could maybe help others

Re Fatigue: from yvonne on 2006-05-22

I was told four years ago that i had Fibromyalgia and Celiacs disease by my doctor,Fibromyalgia is a condition associated with generalized muscle pain and fatigue,sleep disturbances,and many other symptoms,i was told not to eat potatoes,tomatoes,chillies,peppers.
with Celiace disease i was told not to eat wheat, oats,barley,gluten,i try to read the contents of the product i am going to bye to make sure it dosnt have gluten in it.it is hard to understand some of names that they use like' udon' (wheat noodles)
blue cheese (made with bread) ect
you have to beware of toothpaste and mouthwash,medicines,stamps,envelopes,sauce mixes,ice cream ect,i hope this may help others with these conditions.

Re Fatigue: from on 2006-07-01

I get extreme fatigue in the afternoons almost every day. I've been on the gluten free diet for nearly a year now and haven't cheated once (I'm phobic of the stomach pains that I will get if I do). It really interrupts my day when I start falling asleep in school, bike riding, in the car, and even during PE. We've been to the doctor (or 5 doctors) several times and they have no idea what's wrong with me. My fatigue shuould have ended after a few months GF. They think I may have Lupus disease, but the only symptoms I have are the fatigue and low white blood count. Does anyone out there have any answers? I'm getting really tired of this...