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Re Fatigue: from Peter on 2006-07-01

Some people have a natural cycle of being very wide awake, then have a period of being very sleepy, then wide awake again.
Usually this sleepy period is in the afternoon, and in many countries many people will have an hours sleep during this period in the afternoon, and then be wide awake for the rest of the day.
In the next school holidays, or at the weekend, try going to bed for an hour when you feel sleepy in the afternoon, darken the room, and go to sleep properly. Set an alarm.
Give yourself time to wake up properly afterwards before you try and do anything else - you may feel it takes 15 minutes or so to wake up properly. Then see if you are wide awake for the rest of the day.

If you are wide awake for the rest of the day, then this is not a medical problem. Just your normal healthy body wanting a sleep after lunch.

Re Fatigue: from Debbie Henson on 2006-11-20

I've been on a gluten-free diet - fanatically adhering - for six months. My doctor suggested it because of fatigue and joint pain. Well, my fatigue and joint pain are now WORSE than they ever were. I'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem. I've spent a lot of money on special food and not liked it a whole heck of a lot!

I'm tired, sore, and sick of my diet. Anyone else have this problem?

Re Fatigue: from Natasha on 2008-02-20

Most likely you all are suffering from a severe vitamin B12 deficiency. This deficiency is common with celiacs as we don't absorb any nutrients out of our food, not until our stomachs have healed (which takes about two years).

Even after you have adopted the gluten-free diet, a couple of things are going on. Number 1, your stomach most likely hasn't healed yet, it takes about two years. Number 2, most people have a store of B12 in their bodies. We don't, so any that is there is used up pretty quickly. I find I still "crash"--today, for instance, I couldn't get out of bed so I stayed home from work. Number 3--I will theorize that we all got used to feeling like such crap for so many years that now, feeling good on the gluten-free, we really notice it when we feel badly.

I have started to take a sublingual B12 supplement and noticed a huge difference. I still suffer from exhaustion and the feeling that a thousand elephants have stomped all over me all night--but it's rare now, instead of EVERY DAY and it being rare that I feel good!.

The other deficiency could possibly be a calcium/magnesium deficiency (you have to take these together for the calcium to be absorbed in the system). This is another common celiac absorption dysfunction. These minerals help you to sleep, and sleep well. I am now off of my heavy-duty doctor-prescribed sleeping pills once I started taking these. A good, solid, thorough sleep will aid you in healing your body and getting rid of exhaustion (obviously).

To view all the effects of these deficiencies, please google it and you will be amazed (celiac + B12 + deficiency, for instance).


Re Fatigue: from Elizabeth on 2008-03-21

Hi Natasha

Thank you for your counsel. I experience something similar to yours. Somehow I feel the food producers, restaurants , the industry decision makers have yet to prove themselves in ethical standards instead of manipulating certain markets.allowing organic food accessible to certain localities and price quotas and the issue of 'organic' food labelling.

Stay in good health!

Best wishes,


Re Fatigue: from Paul on 2008-04-08

When your body fights an infection you get tired/fatigued with any illness and ingested Gluten is seen as an infection that your body needs to fight off i.e you produce antibodies. As your body concentrates all it's effort on fighting off the infection, you are left with no energy. Well it's a possible explanation anyway

Re Fatigue: from Mikey on 2008-04-28

I suffered only occasional bouts of severe nausea before i was diagnosed coeliac.

once i changed my diet and excluded gluten, things got WORSE. fatigue, dizziness, more nausea, bloating, wind, constipation, diarrhea, moodiness, less cognitive ability, brain fog, etc. these all occurred in a seemingly random way.

after almost a year of thinking i should put up with these things in the short term before i get better, i changed to a different gastroenterologist, who had me do some breathe tests which show i have an intolerance to both lactose and fructose.

removing these from my diet during my second year of being gluten free meant that almost all the problems decreased. but sadly even with the special diet, i have been unable to overcome continuing fatigue, moodiness and depression. there is a big loss of confidence involved.

as yet i have no doctor or medical practitioner who has been able to help me overcome the fatigue. i have been coeliac and gluten free for two years now and am not sure what to expect of the future

Re Fatigue: from Peter on 2008-04-29

The symptoms you experience after starting a gf diet suggest that there is also somthing in the new diet that you need to avoid.
Often the main culprit is soya. This gets into a lot of manufactured gf foods, but a significant number of coeliacs react very badly to it. Also avoid all milk and milk products.

I would suggest avoiding all manufactured foods, and make your meals from the plain ingredients - rice, potato, fresh meat, fish, fresh fruit and vegetables. Avoid any unknown oils. Use olive oil or corn oil. Avoid dried fruit that contains any added oil.
Avoid chocolate that contains soya lecithin.
Try this for 4 weeks and see if you note any improvement

Re Fatigue: from joan black on 2009-02-23

i am the same still feeling really tired .now been told i have osterperosis i was very fit till i went on a gluten diet so i wondering when the good time has i been told will come

Re Fatigue: from joan on 2009-02-23

hi natasha i have since been told that cealiacs could also have lactose intolerance so you would think they would test you for it as well i have felt really poorly .but keep getting told you should feel better now can i ask you do you take iron tablets thanks x

Re: Fatigue: from joan black on 2009-02-23

can anyone please tell me if they felt better on a gluten-free diet and any advice on what vitamins to take i am on calcium at the moment thanks joan