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Re Fatigue: from joan on 2009-02-26

just had my first cealiac book realise couldnt have modified starch which i been eating in dolmio bolognesse what is modified starch thanks

Re Fatigue: from Kelly on 2009-08-08

Have you had your Thyroid Checked

Re Fatigue: from Judy Coleman on 2010-02-01

Has anyone suggested to you that you may have Lyme disease? It is worth looking into. Don't be put off by doctors who are not familiar with Lyme. I don't know what area of the country you live in, but someone with Lyme needs to see a dr. who specializes in it, and I don't mean an infectious disease dr. The tests for Lyme are often negative when the person actually has it. Do you ever, or have you ever, had any rash or rashes? Do you know of a tick bite before you got sick? If not, don't let that put you off the possibility of Lyme as about half the people with Lyme disease don't remember a tick bite, and only about 30 percent of Lyme patients get a rash. It's a helpful tip, tho, if you have had the rash. So you must find a dr. who knows the specialty tests that will tell you for sure if you have Lyme disease or one who will make a clinical diagnoses based on symptoms, and you do have the symptoms. Treatment is an extended treatment of antibiotics. And not all antibiotics work for each case, as there are diffferent strains of Lyme that respond to different antibiotics, and it is sometimes a trial and error thing of getting the right meds. I am familiar with Lyme as my whole family has had it, and it can get very serious if not treated. My oldest daughter had untreated Lyme for 8years, and she was very sick and it took about 4 years of treatment for her to get over it. Many people if not treated early can suffer from it for a lifetime. Get on the internet and find out about Lyme. Go to www.lyme.org or www.lymenet.org. There are many other websites out there also. Good luck

Re Fatigue: from Delia on 2010-06-29

Hi - I came across this thread as i have recently been diagnosed with autoimmune thyroiditis, an auto immune condition where the immune system attacks the thyroid and slowly kills it. There are many other autoimmune diseases that go hand in hand with it, and coeliac disease is one of them. I am wondering whether I have coeliac, but reading this forum I strongly advise that all of you who are still suffering despite having changed your diet ask your doctor for a full set of thyroid function tests. The tiredness, moodiness etc are also symptoms of hypothyroidism which can be corrected with medication.

I hope this is helpful to you, don't delay, contact your doctor and don't let them fob you off - not all GP's are knowledgable about the thyroid but a google search will bring up plenty of information. Delia

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