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Re Feeling desperate: from Marjorie on 2006-08-25

To Linda ref.,522 (and anyone else listening)

You don't give your age, but come on, join something. Learn to speak Spanish,take dancing lessons, find out if you can sing, paint, draw, do wood-carving- the list is endless. You will meet Lovely People, make hosts of new friends, and your Social Life will take off at a great rate,

If you still have time to spare, how about volunteering to help someone-eg
local children's hospice etc. Lot's of people out there also feeling desperate -
help each other!

Believe me - sharing your worries DOES work. I'm old enough to know what I am talking about, and have brought up a good-sized family.

Stick to the diet though - it's really worth it. How about learning to cook - lots of great gluten-free recipes available.

Good luck