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Re Fish and Chips gluten-free: from Pam Johnson on 2009-03-24

We are a cozy fish and chip shop in British Columbia, Canada called: Cozy Bay Seafood Cafe. I am the chef/owner and have been serving gluten-free fish and chips for about 7 years now. Even when we are at our busiest time, I am able to cook gluten-free *allergy meals for customers. It's tricky, but I can do it and have never had people say they've had any reaction, in fact we have lots of regulars as well that are not gluten-free intolerant and they order it as well. (gluten-free non allergy). I serve it in both cod and halibut and I also have a variety of bite-size pieces called "Sunken Treasures" which includes: sole, snapper, salmon, cod and halibut. Our servers are all trained to ask if it is an allergy or not because of special handling in the kitchen. If anyone is so inclined, they should check us out. So far, gluten free *allergy is still a specialty for people. I can't tell you how thrilled some people are to have discovered us. If we weren't so well known with our beer batter and other breaded fish and chips, I'd of started up a gluten free only fish and chips and seafood house... In the meantime, I'm just happy to make other people happy being able to enjoy fish and chips beer battered, breaded, or gluten-free

Re Fish and Chips gluten-free: from Sharon on 2009-04-10

There is a wonderful fish and chip shop in Alnwick, Northumberland (Victoria House) that does gluten free fish and chips every Wednesday at 6.45