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Fish and Chips: from on 2004-11-01

Hello all. As I write I've started the preparations for the GF Christmas (mincemeat, cake etc) but I'm craving fish and chips. Big chunky chips and beautiful fish. I don't have a deep fat fryer so my question is - does anyone know anywhere in London (or even the rest of the country) where I might be able to indulge? I think I heard of a pub in Yorkshire, but that's quite a trip from London for a fish supper

Re: Fish and Chips: from on 2004-11-10

Hello all.
Theres a Fish and Chip Shop in Boston, Lincolnshire, that is GF, or alternatively you can buy GF breadcrumbs from Barrets the Health Shop and make your own or if you try gfdiet.com (order day 1, bake day 2, deliver day 3) they sell batter mix and food that tastes normal (even PASTRY products!!). Mc Cain Oven chips are also GF. We also have a Butchers called Pettits (Grimsby) that make to order chippolates ect I think they do mail order as well, watch this space and I will try and find if they have a website. Best bread found so far is DS (Dietary Specials) also do pies and Pizza and also found Sainsbury own to be nice (Still got to be toasted though

Re: Fish and Chips: from on 2004-11-30

man when i get fish and chips i have to get the fish unbattered - but this means usually having the batter taken off....luckily im not overly intolerant so dont feel too bad afterwards!

just eaten chocolate tho n not feeling so wise but i cant see anything on the ingredients that would make me ill

Re: Fish and Chips: from on 2004-12-19

Just a hint, some people that have celiac also have a sensitivity to lactose or any dairy products... including chocolate. That could be the problem... goodluck

Re Fish and Chips: from sue pursey on 2006-05-10

our local fish and chip shop fries gluten free fish and chips to order,only takes 10 mins.The Paragon 100 station rd birchington kent 01843 843039

Re Fish and Chips: from Janette Simpson on 2006-06-29

Our fish and chip shop, The Frying Machine, is introducing a frying session on the first Saturday afternoon of the month beginning on Saturday July 1st, 2006. Lynne Vallis, our manager, has researched the Glu-2-go product and has undertaken a hazard analysis exercise so that we can be sure we are offering something delcious and safe for anyone with a wheat intolerance to eat. We have had a few sessions practising with the new batter and we can tell you it is fantastic.

We will be offering the gluten free sessions between 2.30 and 5pm every first Saturday of the month. It will be held outside of our normal opening times so that there is no risk of contamination by anything with gluten in it.

You are very welcome to come and try our fish and chips, we will be delighted to see anyone, and are hoping this will be a success.

We are just off the M5 junc 15 at Brook Way in Bradley Stoke, next to Somerfield.
Tel. 01454 614555.

Hope to see you soon.

Re Fish and Chips: from LEE on 2006-08-13

We will be offering the gluten free sessions SOON in are Fish and Chip shop, in Plymouth Area. But would like to research the Glu-2-go product and like to find out more about undertaken a hazard analysis exercise. how did Janette get on with the research?
Could anyone put some points my way how to start and what to watch out for.
I am the Manager of the Shop and the owner as asked me to find out more and sort out asap.
What sort of turnover as it created in a average month?

Be nice to be email as much information they can give plz.

Hope you all can help.
EMAIL LA018Q3455 -at- MSN.COM

Re Fish and Chips: from Peter on 2006-08-14

Some important points for gluten-free fish and chips.

Both chips and GF fish must be cooked in clean oil that has not previously been used to cook ordinary batter, or other products that may contain wheat flour.

Mixing of batter must use separate equipment.

Draining of fish and of chips must be in separate area from anything cooked in batter.

Chips should be pure unprocessed potato, not coated in any way.

Good luck with the venture

Re Fish and Chips: from jackie williams on 2006-08-30

is there any chip shops in the plymouth area already doing gluten and wheat free fish and chips

Re: Fish and Chips: from ronnie wilkinson on 2006-12-06


i have lovely g f fish and chips at murgatroyds yeadon near . leeds {near leeds bradford airport} also marks and spencers apple and pork,and cumberland sausages are both very good