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Re Garfava flour: from Peter on 2005-05-23

You will probably need to add an egg to the mix in order for the noodles to hold together. Rice flour can be made into noodles, so I would try a mix of garfava and rice with an egg.


Re Garfava flour: from Julie Das on 2005-06-27

I am trying to find garfava, sorghum and tapioca flours to buy in the UK. Do you know where I can get them, to make gluten free breads?
Thanks in advance - desperate for help.

Re Garfava flour: from Peter on 2005-06-28

In the UK, Fudco are a major supplier of these flours and foodstuffs ranging from spices to dried fruit. 184 Ealing Road, Wembley, HAO. Tel 020 8902 4820

They also supply many shops serving the ethnic communities from Africa and India / Pakistan, which use these as a staple in their cooking.


Re Garfava flour: from Christine on 2005-12-31

Where can I find Garfava flour and Sorghum flour in the area of Oshawa-Toronto Ontario??

Just got myself a new bread machine that has a cycle for baking gluten free bread!!... anxious to try it out, but can't find all these flours.. have been to a bulk barn.. but no luck there..

Appreciate any help here.


Re Sorghum and Garfava flour in the UK: from vicki johnson on 2006-07-06

if you want a source of sorghum flour go to a good Indian grocer and ask for"East End "sorghum chapatti flour, but I'm not sure about Garfava flour.hope this helps

Re Sorghum and Garfava flour in the UK: from seetharama N Dr on 2006-07-09

I am the director of the center working on R&D, and commercialization of sorghum. What is your interest? need?
N Seetahrama
NRC for Sorghum
Hyderbad, andra Pradesh, 500030

Re Garfava flour: from Nel Jones on 2006-07-23

My granddaughter was recently diagnosed with celiac disease. Was wanting to know where in Edmonton and or Calgary we could find sorghum, garfava bean and pea flours?
thanks in advance.

Re Sorghum and Garfava flour in the UK: from Vilma on 2006-07-31

I have just bough Juwar flour from Tesco (they stock it in the bigger shops).

Re: Sorghum and Garfava flour in the UK: from Neil Murphy on 2006-12-27

Garfava is a mix of Garbanzo beans and Fava bean flour (i.e. ground beans). It is a brand name for something produced by a Canadian company and they don't ship it here. In theory you could make it by mixing chicpea flour (ie Garbanzo flour) with fava beans flour, but of course the company claims they do something to it to make the consistency everyone raves about.

Re: Garfava flour: from vona on 2007-02-01

I have garbonza bean flour and can get fava flour. What would be the mix to make garfava flour?

Or can I just use garbonza bean flour to make my bread recipe. Would it work? Thanks a million, Vona