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gerd-throat ulcers: from on 2001-08-05


Please point me in the right direction.
Is gerd related to gluten allergies?
I'm nearly positive I am allergic to gluten how do I find out?
I have an inflamed stomach and have recently been treated for throat ulcers.
I am taking nexium for the acid reflux and am being followed by an ear nose throat doctor why aren't these professionals aware of gluten allergies?

I have yogurt with granola every day, is that contributing to my reflux condition?

Just had a blood test which showed high potasium, is that something to be concerned about?

I can't eat banana's or I cough and can't stop.

I choke on pepper, and mustard.

Is lemon juice ok instead of vinegar in my salad dressing? What salad dressings are recommended?

Please help my family is riding me about all my allergies and have a hard time believing all that bothers me when I eat. Usually the roof of my mouth and tongue are very irritated when I eat something that I then believe I'm allergic to.

My ENT inquired about my tongue having a big brown spot on it, any clue why?
My ENT asked if I ever just start coughing without warning? Why?
It does happen especially when I eat sugar free ice cream or milk products. Please point me in the right direction.
I just got a new sales position and want to stay well so I can achieve success. Kind Regards, Karen Jutras

Re: gerd-throat ulcers: from on 2001-08-06

HTML>The coeliac condition can produce a very wide range of symptoms.
Your doctor should do a blood test for this condition to rule it out. - before you try a gluten-free diet.

Swelling of the tongue, lips and throat immediately after eating is a sign of allergy to the food you have been eating, and can be related to further problems as the food moves through the digestive system.

Try keeping a notebook of what you eat, and what symptoms you get - that may help to relate the two together.

You could try just eating one food at a time, and eating every couple of hours, to see if you can identify what causes you problems. Just eat the pure food on its own, so nothing from packets or tins for a week except cornflakes or rice crisps. For example start the day with cornflakes and water - not milk. After a couple of hours have a banana, then two hours later boiled potato, then two hours later 2eggs and so on. Keep your diary and discuss the results with your doctor.


Re: gerd-throat ulcers: from on 2001-08-11

on this subject concerning allegies i have recently discovered the ability of the body to create the allergy. It essentially happens as either a quick on set or a delayed onset, depending on the type of antibodies which form (IgE vs. IgG). Some foods will produce symptoms quickly and others within 48 to 72 hours after consumption. Keeping a journal of every food you eat and how you feel is th excellent first direction. The blood tests may be necessary because it is so difficult to pinpoint one food item since we cook an eat in combination.

good luck