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Re: gf bread using breadmaker: from Jessie Ratledge on 2008-07-31

Hello Sheona, I have been given the use of a Breville Ultimate Breadmaker, it has a gluten free recipe in the instruction book which uses rice floor. I dont wish to to use that one, could you please send me your recipe.

I have just recently found out that I have a problem with wheat, I tried Spelt bread but that is not good either. So I would be pleased if you could help me with any recipes.


gf bread using breadmaker: from Theresa on 2008-08-21

Hi - I have a panasonic and swear by it. Gf bread no problem - panasonic has some gf recipes on-line! I particularly like the orange bread, but leave out powdered milk and orange peel. It has been a life saver for us

Re gf bread using breadmaker: from suzanne coulombe on 2008-08-28

yeast and gf bread recipe in bread maker. Thanks

Am really tired of the expensive and soso breads Ive been buying

Thanks. Suzanne

Re gf bread using breadmaker: from loraine on 2008-09-04

please could you e mail recipes for gluten free bread for a breadmaker.i have been wondering if it was a worthwhile purchase for gluten free diet as i have been making bread by hand and didnt know how well a breadmaker would work.thank you

Re gf bread using breadmaker: from Jess on 2008-09-29

Hi there, I make my GF bread regularly in my breadmaker and its brilliant!! If you have coeliacs then get juvela gluten free mix on prescription-it is by far the best not just for breadmaking but baking sauces etc.

my recipe is:

360 mls warm water

400g flour

1 and a half tsp yeast

pinch of salt

1 tbsp oil-sunflower or whatever you have!

Always set the breadmaker on the rapid setting-this seems to make much better gluten free bread!

Good luck and enjoy your lovely soft sandwiches!

Re gf bread using breadmaker: from Khadijah on 2008-10-05

Please can you send me the gluten free recipes for bread machines. I have a morphy richards regular bread making machine (ie no gluten free setting). My mother in law has coeliac disease and I would like to be able to make bread for her.

Many thanks

gf bread using breadmaker: from yvonne hall on 2008-11-02

Dont buy the Panasonic bread maker, it does not make ongoing excellent bread. I have tried over and over agin but have a success, now and again.

There is a good bread maker called Juvella, the bread is expensive but is almost like real bread

gf bread using breadmaker: from Sheona (Drossa on 2008-11-05

My colleague uses a Panasonic and has successfully made a number of different types of bread using a selection of gf bread mixes.

I use the same gf bread mixes, but make my bread by hand (5 minutes mixing, allow to rise, and then bake in a conventional oven). Breads are just as successful, and I can enjoy a great range of tastes including seeded bread mix (rich with sunflower and other seeds), herb breads (using white bread mixes and adding different herbs), tomato and olive foccacia (using a Pizza Mix dough), spiced bread and fruit loaves, as well as egg enriched 'brioche type' bread and a 'tipo' Panettone.

Advantage with hand made breads is that you can use different shaped moulds in whcih to bake the breads. For example: a loose bottomed round cake tin, a square cake tin, tin foil pudding basins................... It all adds to the interest as well as to the taste

gf bread using breadmaker: from penny on 2008-11-15

My husband is coeliac and for a few years he put up with the prescription bread - Juvela and Glutafin. However, after trying the Glutafin Fibre Bread Mix in a panasonic SD251 I have had amazing results. Its simple (follow the instructions on the pack) chuck it in and set on 'rapid bake' 1hr 55mins later a beautiful, tasty, normal looking loaf that you can cut nice big slices from. Its best made a day before use but the smell is often too tempting to wait a day!

The latest panasonic has a gf setting and if you buy an extra pan and paddle, you can use it for wheat flour as well as the pan and paddle are the only things that come into contact with the mixes.

Definately worth the money - you will be amazed

Re: gf bread using breadmaker: from nikki on 2008-12-09

Hi. My mum is GF and I'm thinking of buying her a breadmachine for xmas but I'm completely daunted by the choice. You sound like you are an expert! Any tips on makes? or functions it needs? Things to avoid