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GF restaurants: from on 2002-06-05

Does anyone know if there are any Gluten Free restaurants in Orange County California? I found a list last week on the net and now can't seem to find it again. It gave a state by state listing of GF restaurants. These were not fast food joints. If you know of any will you please let me know via my e-mail. Thanks, Pamala Loves2homeschool@juno.com

Re: GF restaurants: from on 2003-11-11

Hi Pamala,
I just found your (old) email while searching for the very same thing. I'm travelling with my family later this week to Orange County area, and I'd like to find some GF restaurants - my 5 yr old son has Celiac Disease.

Any info you may have would be greatly appreciated.

Tracy (tostow@yahoo.com

Re: GF restaurants: from on 2004-05-04

I know a fabulous restaraunt in the Orange County Area that serves Gluten-free if you are still interested. Send request to aefteb@sbcglobal.net

Re: GF restaurants: from on 2004-08-20

I do know of P.F.Changs and the Outback Restaurants. They both have GF menues. Please let me know of others. I live here and it is hard to just go anywhere.

Re: GF restaurants: from kalinda rooney on 2004-10-17

Maggiano's Little Italy in San Jose, Ca will do gluten free not sure if other locations do also

Re GF restaurants: from Victoria on 2005-05-30

I am looking for glutenfree, caseinfree restaurans in Orange County,CA.
My son, 6 years old, has never eaten out because of the diet.


Re GF restaurants: from Katie on 2006-03-18

Does anyone know of Gluten Free Restaruants in Maryland besides Outback, and Carabbas?

Re GF restaurants: from Micah Daily on 2006-05-14

Hi, I am looking for some df restaurants in Orange county for my sister. I am from NY where it is much easier. So any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks,

Re GF restaurants: from wayne mcknight on 2006-08-10

I'm looking for restaurants in toronto, if anyone can help me i would greatly appreciate it


Re: GF restaurants: from Debi on 2007-01-01

I will be visiting Newport Beach / Long Beach in two weeks and was just diagnosed with Celiac. Can you suggest any restaurants in that vicinity.

It scares me to go out to eat.