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Re: GF restaurants: from Katrina Doiron on 2007-04-07

I'm looking for restaurants with gfcf menus in Houma, Louisiana for my 8 year old daughter. So far Chick-Filet has a grilled chicken breast the cut in stripes and a fruit cup. If anyone knows of more please let me know . Thanks It's only been a couple of weeks .

Re: GF restaurants: from sabrina raichelson on 2007-05-14

visiting los angeles and long beach this summer...desperate for glutn free reataurants and bakeries...

Re: GF restaurants: from Patrick on 2007-07-19


My mother suffers from Celiac's disease and she is arriving in a few weeks to visit me from Australia. I've been researching some restaurants to provide less hassle than requesting a gluten free meal for her. Essentially is see the fast food family restaurants for kids.... Chilis, Outback Steak House. I've also discovered PF Changs, PEI WEI restaurants have Gluten Free Meals and Menus. And as above there is Skosh Monahans (costa Mesa, CA) but i also discovered Z Tejas (Costa Mesa, CA). I love Z Tejas..... fantastic quick, easy and even relaxing meal. Combine it with a movie too.... close to the cinemas. Essentially, with my mother being a Celiac my whole family has been brought up on a Gluten Free diet at Family meals. Its not a great way to live to be scared of what you eat but if you are suffering from the effects of this affliction don't be afraid to ask the Chef about the ingredients. If its a reputable restaurant then the Chef will be able to customize the dish for you. Also, every menu has a Gluten Free meal on it.... don't be afraid to ask for that which you require. Especially for your children and your own sanity. My mother has never failed to win an exceptional Gluten Free meal from a chef yet. Don't wait for the gluten-free menu to appear - ask the waiter/waitress to ask the chef if there is anything that is gluten free on the menu...... there always is and they will always customize for you. Good Luck

Re: GF restaurants: from toni on 2007-07-27

I am looking for gluten free restaurants & a Gluten free bakery where I can get professional party cakes, I live in Pomona, California, Can anyone help?

Re: GF restaurants: from Tracyann on 2009-06-24

The Newport Rib Company has a separate gluten/casein free menu. The food and service was great. The proprietor diligently works at keeping the gluten/casein free food pure. I ate the gluten free cornbread, barbeque chicken, and fries. They even have a separate fryer for the gluten free fries. I did not get sick! It's condiments are gluten/casein free too. (margarine, salad dressing, ketchup

GF restaurants: from Victoria on 2011-02-15

Newport and Naples Rib Company and Skosh Monahans have great GF menus. And if you want to spoil yourself, order a cake, cupcakes, or brownies and lemon bars from Sensitive Sweets in Costa Mesa