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glucose syrup: from Pafandral on 2005-07-10

Is glucose syrup gluten-free? What is it a product of?

glucose syrup: from Nicole on 2005-08-21

Most glucose syrups are from wheat, some are from corn (read lables). Legally they are gluten free, however many who are gluten intolerent are also wheat intolerent. Including myself and my son who has had bad reactions to glucose syrup.
If you are sensitive to bread crumbs and minor contamination avoid it, otherwise risk it once and see.

glucose syrup: from on 2006-04-18

hi. i want know some thing a bout glucose syrup.i am in iran.please help me.

glucose syrup: from Brian Richardson on 2007-05-06

I am diabetic and need to reduce my Sugar level

does glucose syrup affect my sugar level

i am at the moment using ( NESTLE ) Coffee mate

containing 60\% glucose syrup

hope you can reply soon


glucose syrup: from Peter on 2007-05-06

Yes, glucose syrup will affect your sugar level. It is the fastest sugar to be absorbed so possibly the worst to use.

many people drink tea and coffee without sugar. Why not do the same? You don't need sweeteners.

glucose syrup: from cassie on 2007-06-17

does all glucose syrup contain gluten.and is plain glucose gluten free?

glucose syrup: from Peter on 2007-06-17

Pure glucose is gluten-free, and most glucose syrup is gluten-free, but there is a risk of contamination where commercial grades of glucose syrup are used in factory made food.

glucose syrup: from Sophie on 2007-07-17

Hi i have a question in ref 175 by Nicole, she mentions herself and her son being glucose syrup intolerant,

My son is on a medicated milk and it contains glucose syrup i would imagine quite a bit to sweeten this milk,

Do you know of any kind of glucose intolerant test??

I spoke to a pharmasist who said that you cannot be glucose intolerant because it is in your body but you can have the problem of not maintaining the levels ie:diabetic

is glucose syrup intolerant something different all together?

The reason for all the questions is my Son has suffered numerous intolerances and something is still causing him pain the only thing we can think of it being is the milk, there is nothing in it i am concerened about thats in it except the glucose syrup


glucose syrup: from Peter on 2007-07-17

I would agree with your pharmacist that glucose is a natural ingredient in the body so it is highly unlikely that you would develop a reaction to it in the digestive system.

glucose syrup: from Chris on 2007-07-19

I'm quoting this from Wikipedia, so take it as you will.

"The more general term glucose syrup is often used synonymously with corn syrup, since glucose syrup is most commonly made from corn starch.[3] Technically though, glucose syrup is any liquid starch hydrolysate of mono, di, and higher saccharides[4] and can be made from starch from any source, of which wheat, rice and potatoes are the most common sources."

So as glucose is a naturally occurring sugar in the body, when it goes through the processing phase (to create the syrup) it is modified to be a substance that can certainly cause illness.