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glucose syrup: from Sophie on 2007-10-01

Thanks for the reply....very helpfull. i am sure the milk which contains Glucose Syrup could be the culprit for my Sons pains, the older he gets the less milk he is having and the better he is ...could just be a coincidence.

I cannot eliminate his milk completely as his diet is so so restricted


Many thanks

glucose syrup: from Kevin on 2007-10-10

Its call a glucose tolerance test. It's purpose is to test for chronic low blood sugar

glucose syrup: from Dai on 2008-09-27

I believe last post is a red herring, IIUC the Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT) is to test for (generally) diabetes and involves measurement of blood sugar, consumption of glucose then re-test of blood sugar.


This is specifically to test your bodies reaction to blood sugar e.g. if you have diabetes you may not produce enough insulin and blood sugar level will stay high.

What is being asked about here is a glucose allergy type test, during a standard GTT you would not be tested for any reaction to the glucose other than blood sugar level afaik?


glucose syrup: from Jane on 2008-12-11

Hi, I'm not sure on the dates of this post, but I just came across it. Here is something I found. Note that glucose syrup sourced from wheat now has to be labeled as such.

Also--- logically speaking, it's way more likely your son is reacting to either the casien (protein) or lactose (sugar) in milk, rather than the glucose syrup. Dairy intolerance is quite common, reactions to either of the above- I'd try removing the most likely culprit from his diet first. You mention that as his milk consumption decreases as he gets older.. he is feeling better. This supports that.


As an aside, I have tested casein intolerant, and I react to it by getting stomach cramps. I don't completely avoid it, but eat very little- as much as two slices of cheese will bother me. I still have cream in my coffee, but that's one to two cups per week, a minimal amount- that is IT).

What is glucose syrup and where is it made from ?

Glucose syrup is a solution (up to 80\%) of glucose (dextrose) in water. It is normally obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis of starch, which is a polymer of glucose. Starch from wheat, corn, potato or any other plant can be used for this purpose. The origin of the starch does not have to be labelled and can only be provided by the producer.

**However, due to new EU legislation on allergens, glucose syrup derived from wheat has to be labelled as such. ********

Glucose syrup is less sweet as normal sugar, but has several technological advantages in the food industry.

glucose syrup: from pauline on 2009-02-26

Please could anyone help me. My son is a diabetic & we use glucose syrup when he has a hypo as he is allergic to the hypostop that is normally used for this. At the moment we can not get hold of any in the chemist. If anyone knows of where i can get some i would be very grateful & dont mind buying over the internet

glucose syrup: from Peter on 2009-02-26

Tesco used to sell glucose syrup in the cookery section.
You should be able to get it in Boots are other chain of chemists

glucose syrup: from Emma Briton on 2011-07-30

The understanding that i have, both personally n from reading, which i believe to be true, is that most glucose contains wheat, some corn but more commonly wheat. So the reaction may not be the glucose itself, but the wheat in the glucose, i avoid any glucose, unless stated as being derived from corn