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gluten and dairy free: from on 2001-09-19

can anyone help me. i have had a gluten and dairy free diet since i was born but as i got older my mum started introducing wheat and dairy in to my diet untill i could eat most things. but recently i stopped eating wheat again because i have always had black eyes and this was the cause so now the minute i so much as look at a sandwich im running to the toilet. i'm now descovering that dairy is drying out my skin and scalp, and i think it is affecting my stomach aswell but im not sure yet. i keep finding deits that are gluten free but use alot of dairy and i just wanted to know if anyone knew of a gluten and dairy free cook book or eating plan because i think im starting to loose weight because i keep resorting to salads all the time( im only 9 stone so i dont want to loose weight).

Look forward to hearing!


Re: gluten and dairy free: from on 2001-09-20

HTML>My sister has a gluten-free and dairy free diet.

You can make most of the cake, biscuits and bread recipes in my book - and on the web site - using olive oil as the fat in place of butter, or you can use lard.

If your energy intake is low have one meal a day with potatoes and one meal a day with rice and add 25ml of olive oil as a dressing every time. Healthy, and will give you the energy you need.


Re: gluten and dairy free: from on 2001-09-29

Hello. Finding gluten-free products seems to be a problem all over. I'm in Canada, and I haunt health food stores here. A suggestion for another food you can eat: almond flour. Actually, it's just ground almonds, and if you can't find it in a store, you can make your own (sometimes the best way, to insure there are no fillers). It makes a very nice tasting muffin or cake, and can be use in savoury heavy sauces as a thickener. It is high in protein & calcium (and sadly, fat). Use fresh not roasted nuts - roasted almonds taste quite different

Re: gluten and dairy free: from on 2004-06-11

Hi i am a chef and at the moment where i work i have a lady who is gluten and dairy free , i am finding it very hard to get any recipes with both of them not in.
Is it possable to advise me on were i may beable to get this type of information.

i do hope you can help me on my search thanks,


Re: gluten and dairy free: from Peter on 2004-06-26

If you look at the recipes in the gluten-free pages on this site, then substitute olive oil for any dairy fat. This works well in cakes and biscuits, puddings etc.


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Re gluten and dairy free: from Nicole on 2005-08-21

I use coconut cream - read lables to find right brand - for cream if you leave it overnight in the fridge it separates and thickens for whipped cream spoon out just the cream from the top add pure icing sugar and whip as for cow cream.

Replace milk powder for almond meal. Some pizza and scone recipes you can replace sour cream with 1 teaspoon psyllium husk mixed with 1 tablespoon water.

I made vertual lasanga with gf lasanga sheets and nutritional yeast flakes made into white sauce, make meat or veg sauce to taste and assemble as normal. My gluten loving stepdaughter loved it! Put sesame seeds over pasta dishes instead of cheese.

For melted butter I use olive oil for high heat recipies and linseed oil for low heat. Copha, nuttelex or solidified fat are good if you can tolerate them for pastry when its the texture thats needed.

Indian and thai cooking have many naturally gluten and dairy free recipes.
Also while vegans still eat wheat they have tips on substituting dairy though most involve soy if you can tolerate it. search web

(for weight loss - get your iron and b12 tested - and include more protien eggs; meat; legumes and grains in same meal ie corn + peas, brown rice + lentils; nuts - and keep a food diary as you might be eating something that is contaminated)

Re gluten and dairy free: from Steven on 2006-04-04


I have been without dairy for 4 years now (lactose intollerance) but have only just found out that I have an intollerance to Wheat and Rice. I am finding it quite frustrationg as I only seem to be have meat/fish with potatoes and veg. The fruit is giving me acid and bloating and though I am able to have rye and oats I am conerened that having potatoes all of the time isn't doing me good. Does any one have ideas for other meals. I have spanish chicken, curry and pasta sauce but am stuggling with having just boiled/steamed veg all of the time. I have found quinoa as a rice substitute and a rye bread/ryvita for lunch.

Re gluten and dairy free: from Peter on 2006-04-04

Try sweet potato, yam, maize, banana plantain, swede, parsnip, japanese raddish

Also try sprinkling with olive oil and baking in oven.


Re gluten and dairy free: from Leah on 2006-07-08

Hi, I'm also Gluten, dairy, potatoe free and I also try to avoid most processed grains as well as anything to acidic, eg tomatoes and oranges. I'm also raising a child on this diet as he had colic which improved when I changed my diet. I've found it very individual to what people can tolerate and for me it's definetly been done to my body being over loaded with emotional bagguage which I haven't dealt with thus leading to intolerances as my bodies resistance is lowered. As I've worked with a lady who is a cranial-sacral worker who also helps you identify these emotional blockages and works through them with you, I have improved tremendously. I also learnt my childs body learnt this same pattern from me as we are energetically connected. I still can help him now though as what I do effects him.
As for recipes try looking up Leslie Kenton, her food is fantastic. And if you're avoiding wheat and dairy you'll most likely find that you need to avoid all processed foods, and Leslie foods allow for this while still remaining yummy. She's the health experts of health experts and been in the business for over 30yrs and has written numerous books. The last one being The Power House Diet. All of them a must read.
We could substitute recipes or we can create new fantastic recipes which feed the body with the nutrition it needs to heal itself. Just think of it as being pioneers in discovering our bodies real needs as one day I'm sure most people will eat this way, and I think it's great that we're listening to our bodies instead of ignoring them.