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Re: gluten and dairy free: from Sheila on 2009-02-19

I have products, I was looking for stats on cecliac disease when I came across this site, the producys are gluten, yeast, dairy,and soy free. The name is sonshines mixes (my web site is sonshinesbread.com) there is hemp seed bread, sweet bread, pancake, pastry/ cookie, pizza and brownie. Being diabetic you could have the hemp seed,the pancke, the pizza and the pastry/cookie mixes. Just use agave nector for sweetener it is diabeticly friendly. My products are only in Ontario right now but I will be expnding.I am not trying to advertise you would have to get back to me and I could send you samples, I care that your having a hard time finding somethings to eat

Re: gluten and dairy free: from Jenny on 2010-07-30

I think I am gluten & dairy intolerant. Dairy products tend to make me feel nauseous & I get bloated after eating. I've found that after eating pasta or rice I get bloated & after eating some foods, they tend to lay heavy on my stomach. Could this be gluten intolerance?

Many Thanks


Re: gluten and dairy free: from Peter on 2010-07-30

Jenny, note that rice does not contain gluten - so if you get the same symptoms after rice as with pasta, then this is probably not an intolerance to gluten.