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Gluten free and mirganes: from Caroline on 2009-06-04

hi, hope all is well i'm new to this fourm and it looks really good, can eating gluten make people ahve mirgains i suffed from mirganes sence i was 15, and there got worse over the last 2-3 years last months evern worse i having mirganes once a month and it dont go for days and make me really ill, so can gluten free our mirgains?

what do you all think?

thanks caroline

Gluten free and mirganes: from Peter on 2009-06-04

Migraines can be caused by gluten in the diet.
I won't do any harm to follow a gluten-free diet for three months to see if your migraine symptoms change. Note that a completely gluten-free diet is essential to see if this is the cause. half measures won't do