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gluten free chappatti flour: from on 2004-05-14

hi, my husband can not tolerate gluten products please can you help me, i need to know where can i get chappatti flour from. or what will be the best flour to use thanks

Re gluten free chappatti flour: from edie on 2006-11-27

pelase can you tell which is wheat free so i can make some chappatis and a flour for making sponge cakes thanks edie

Re gluten free chappatti flour: from Peter on 2006-11-27

Note that flour sold as chapati flour or chappatti flour is a fine wheat flour.
It is not gluten-free.

Use a mix of gram flour, rice flour and maize flour instead.

Re: gluten free chappatti flour: from alina sheikh on 2007-05-09


Buckwheat flour is part of the rhubard family and has no no natural wheat, but in process can be contaminated, therefore you need to buy gluten free buckwheat flour. Mix buckwheat flour with gluten free white flour and mix with milk, but leave it quite thick. it should taste alot like chapatti.

Re: gluten free chappatti flour: from shabana on 2009-08-09


My mother in law has just been told that she has coeliac disease - she cant tolerate gluten & wheat - she is trying to get used to it, but misses her chapatis obviously. The note above gave me some indictaion on how to make chapatis from buckwheat - but im still not sure. Is buckwheat still wheat though? And how can she make chapati's with this

Re: gluten free chappatti flour: from Peter on 2009-08-16

Buckwheat is the see of a rhubarb like plant. Nothing to do with wheat

Re: gluten free chappatti flour: from Savita Dabasia on 2010-09-29

Is singoda flour (indian water chestnut flour) the same as buckwheat flour? I'm also trying different ways of making wheat-free chapatis as my son is allergic. We tried a form of singoda flour freshly milled in India but it brought him out in a bit of eczema so am not sure if it was contaminated when it was being milled. The singoda flour I did use was excellent for making chapatis but am reluctant to try an off-the-shelf packet if it is considered being from the wheat family - the off-the-shelf packets state the ingredients as only singoda, nothing else, so may be a more reliable than the one I used. Any thoughts

Re: gluten free chappatti flour: from Peter on 2010-09-29

Singoda flour is quite unrelated to buckwheat flour, and no relation to wheat.

Contamination in the milling process is often a problem where small amounts of different flours are being produced. Look for brands that confirm they are milled in a separate mill to wheat.

Re: gluten free chappatti flour: from amar khan on 2012-06-05

i am suffering ferom chrones colitis. I cannot eat wheat. im after wheat free asian diet for the above illness. also were can i purchase wheat free flour from in england

Re: gluten free chappatti flour: from Anisa on 2012-08-05

Hi I have been diagnosed with the same illness to I have been making chap parties out of corn flour mix it in hot water and roll it out in your hand but keep adding water to da chappati before u put it on the pan as is cracks really quickly

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