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gluten free crisps: from kerry on 2007-02-28

can anyone help me,does anyone know what crisps are gluten free? as my son has to take a packet to school.thank you.

gluten free crisps: from mobo on 2008-04-22

The only crisps I know of that say they are suitable for coeliacs are Walkers Salt & Shake. Ingredients: Potatoes, sunflower oil (35\%). Salt (in sachet

gluten free crisps: from colin on 2008-07-23

hi if you look on walkers crisps you will see suitable for coeilacs on most of them also pom-bear snack are gluten free

gluten free crisps: from Sheona on 2008-07-31

Hi Kerry,

Rice Bites, manufactured by Wide Faith Foods of Thailand

Rice Bites (registered with the UK Coeliac Society and licensed to depict the Cross Grain symbol on their packaging) are GF. Baked, not fried. Transfat free. Cholesterol free. Low in fat. Six flavours.

If you'd like further information please e-mail me directly.

Best wishes.

Sheona (Drossa

gluten free crisps: from barbara on 2010-07-05

Smiths crisps are gf.

also Asda do one their own brand.. and maybe th e other stores do

I am looking for a good soda bread recipe as I am lactose intolerant and yeast free

I live in Nottingham and are also looking for a holiday. maybe on where I can learn more cookery of this darned problem, or challenge

gluten free crisps: from Linda on 2011-01-27

If you have a Costco in your town - they have some great Multi grain chips that are gluten free, and they are very tasty. Sorry right off hand I can't think of the name brand. If you'd like to know please reply to this and I will find out.

Good luck. I'm gluten free myself. Everything that my husband has tried he says tastes really good. These chips we both like.


Linda B

gluten free crisps: from jane on 2011-09-03

smiths potato chips flavoured all say contain gluten but the plain smiths do not say this and only contain potatoes, veg oil and salt. jane