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Re: Gluten Free dining: from on 2004-11-01

My Granny has just got those cards and took them with her on a trip to the US and found they helped - I think I'm going to invest as well! Anything to avoid the 'so if there's flour then that's not good' conversations! Why can't the industry have some training for staff!! I know some chefs who are brilliant and and always working on ways to make kitchens safer for those with 'dietary' issues but a lot seem to lack the knowledge! Has everyone you've shown them to been receptive to them

Re: Gluten Free dining: from on 2004-11-02

I've never had any problems anywhere with my Dietary Alert Cards, and the more chefs and restaurant staff become generally aware and alert to gluten-free and other special diets and allergies, the more useful I think the cards will become. I do have a friend who gave up trying to get a wizened old sausage seller on the top of a German mountain to understand her coeliac diet, Dietarycard or not. But she's been to Hungary, France, Canada, USA, Spain, Austria and Italy with her Dietarycards and they've made the world of difference to her holidays

Re: Gluten Free dining: from on 2004-12-21

Having got my dietary cards and been using them I think everyone should know about them!!!! It's made life SO much easier!!! I have one friend in Germany who thought that I had mistranslated things - she didn't understand how anyone could live like this! Now all we need is for ALL restaurants/bars etc to label (just as they do for vegetarians) and we'll be getting somewhere. For the record - I work in the City and a growing number of establishments have GF markers on their menus - apart from one All Bar One where they didn't know, the kitchen staff didn't know and my food was delivered with a comment that our waitress was the first aider, so if it went wrong I'd be ok

Re Gluten Free dining: from Nadja Clifford on 2006-05-21

Where do you buy alert cards?

Re: Gluten Free dining: from s pike on 2007-04-13

I am traveling to Toronto and would like to fine some good places to eat and drink beer. The downtown area by the convention center.


Re: Gluten Free dining: from Laura Leadbetter on 2007-07-05


Just browsing this site, can you tell me where I can obtain dietary cards please.

Would you think they would be delivered by Monday if I ordered.

Re: Gluten Free dining: from tracy gates on 2008-06-16

ide like to find out where i could purchase diatry cards please pontefract area